Getting into mountain biking - picking up a mongoose tomorrow:)

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by jami w., Jun 14, 2017.

  1. jami w.

    jami w. just being me thats all

    New hampshire
    Screenshot_20170614-222412.png Anyone here into it? Hoping so, for i have a few questions. Im a newbie to full suspension bikes. All ive ridden were bmx

    The rear shock doesnt go sideways like all the others ive seen, the rear shock on mine? Is mounted straight up an down, (like on a car or truck)
    Im just curious on which is better for riding on the trails an street, an bike trails
    That are paved.

    Could someone explain pros an cons, on the different rear suspension setups,

    The bike im picking up is a 24" yes im short :) but at 40.00 out of pocket. Worth it to me. Out there riding, burning calories an loosing more weight !! A good thing in my eyes

    Just a google image of the rear suspension, for reference (click on the pic)
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  2. HiFi in WYO

    HiFi in WYO The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest.

    Hi jami! Congrats on getting a bike! Not sure what you want to do with it, but don't expect to do much. This is essentially one of those dreaded Wal-Mart bikes. It should be fine on the streets, gravel, paved trails - that sort of thing. But I wouldn't go jumping off cliffs or expecting it to do stunts your bmxes could do. The drivetrain - you will find - will suffer from ghost shifting, bad bearings and the wheels are likely not to be silky smooth over the long haul.

    I don't see any rear lock-out and though adjustable, it's not going to soak up the bumps as a better rear suspension will. Also, that front fork is likely just spring-loaded. Again, it works, but it will wear quickly, depending on how you abuse it. There's also likely no adjustment on its stiffness, so what you get it what you get.

    I'm a hard tail rider and that's all I ever have owned. Having said that, I have ridden some full suspensions and at least for me climbing hills is a pain. If you can't lock out the rear, the bike tends to undulate as you're pushing uphill, especially if you are standing up on it. I've never liked that feeling, it's an less-controlled feeling. My preference for hard tails is that I can move the rear end around while bouncing over rocks. I can shift the front and rear of the bike better than I feel I can with a soft tail.

    The smaller tires will also mean you're going slower and will have to work harder to maintain speed. A small-frame 26" bike would give you an easier go of it.

    Having said all of this - if you have it, enjoy it. Just don't expect to do too much "mountain biking" with it. This is a bike aimed at kids, not adults looking to have adult fun with it. Know that and you should be good.
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  3. jami w.

    jami w. just being me thats all

    New hampshire

    Thanks i tried a 26" bike but its really to tall for me, yes i know its a wallyworld bike. There is a nut an bolt on the rear shock tower, price was right. As long as it soaks up some road/trail bumps im happy.

    Im not a stunt rider, ill pass at that. Thanks
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  4. onepixel

    onepixel .

    Very cool. As long as you're getting out and enjoying yourself.
  5. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier

    MI, US
    Not cheap, but this is something I'd get if I were into mountain biking. It comes on selected Specialized Epic models. (I met someone out on the local rail trails who was riding a bike equipped with one.)

    The BRAIN is nice because the shock activates only from undulations on the trail, not from rider input.
  6. mkane

    mkane AK Subscriber Subscriber

    103 miles N. of S.F.
    Just get out and ride. Great low impact exercise, until you hit the ground.


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  7. The Fuxtor

    The Fuxtor AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Calgary, Alberta
    Not bad for a starter bike, but as i have gotten older, nice suspension sure is a wonderful thing for some of the rougher downhills. As stated when you are climbing , it is a nice feature to have a shock with a lock out feature, stiffer bike transfers more energy to the tire. Have fun!
  8. PianotunerNJ

    PianotunerNJ Active Member

    Central NJ
    I've had a Specialized Epic, nice bike but the brain requires much maintenance. I now ride Stumpjumper FSR, lockout suspension. Tougher to climb maybe, weight doesn't help, but downhill is pretty manageable. I have to pick my riding windows this time of the summer, too hot!
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  9. www.records

    www.records Quality over Quantity

    I always wanted one of these.
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  10. radioactive

    radioactive tube gear fanatic Subscriber

    winnipeg , manitoba
  11. soundmig

    soundmig AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Western Colorado
    My son is big into mountain biking. You really should visit a specialty bike shop that is "into" MTBing so that you get the right bike and right fit for you. My son has two bikes one is a Specialized and the other is Kona. I think they were both North of $3K, but you'll find that lesser bikes will 1) hinder your ability to ride the "fun and difficult" trails and 2) will break quite easily under the demands of MTB riding. A good shop will also have well maintained used bikes that will allow you to get the quality you need at a much more affordable price. Also ... Don't forget to carry an extra tube with you (unless you go tubeless) as its not fun to carry your bike a couple of miles due to a flat while out on the trail - and flats are very common.


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  12. Hajidub

    Hajidub Chihuahua/Pug = Chug Subscriber

    Colorado Springs, CO
    So agree with this post. Jami, I would find a local shop and buy one of their "used" offerings. You'll find one for around the same price as that Wally bike. You'll thanks me and Soundmig afterwards. The mongoose is like pedaling a brick, weighs a ton.
  13. gogofast

    gogofast AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'm no expert by any measure, but been mountain biking for roughly 12 years now and gone through many bikes both cheap and expensive. High quality bike with proper fitting and tuning will absolutely help you ride better with more fun. Just a few years ago, I started on the 26'er bike and it did improve the ride. For anyone starting, I'd suggest older Gary Fisher hardtails. Not sure what kind of bike that Mongoose is, but if it's a steel bike with such large frame, trust me, you aren't going to have any fun at all.
  14. El Pee

    El Pee AK Subscriber Subscriber

    In the groove
    At $40 you can't loose.... go for some rides, see what you like. Test out some other bikes and see what is different. Most important, have fun!
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  15. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    Can't say I've ever envied a bike seat before.
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  16. techguy0192

    techguy0192 Well-Known Member

    Just realized there's a mountain bike in that picture.


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