Gregory Porter, yes Jazz fans!

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by Hajidub, Dec 13, 2017.

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    I've never seen a post on this gentleman. Though he wasn't discovered until age 41, he did the right thing and went straight to Europe (similar to Nina Simone). USA has a track record, especially in the modern era, of making artists leave our country. The album highlighted in this thread is ~Take me to the Alley~.....The man, to me, is a more melodic version of Isaac Hayes and his albums are modern Blue Note label. The guy is a superstar overseas, but I've mentioned him to many folks here and they've never heard of him (wasted talent here). Buy his albums and enjoy (youtube him first if you like).

    Trust me. Charlie Bradley (the former James Brown impersonator, who recently died) is another one worth listening to. Charlie's songs are in a ton of English films, but have went unnoticed.


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    There was a post several months back concerning Gregory Porter can’t remember the exact topic. Yes I agree with you 100%.

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