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    More name calling to make a point.

    And we lived without stringent laws regarding drunk driving, your logic does not hold water.

    History is full of things that we did one way. Over time we found safer ways to do these things.

    So are you telling all of us that the NEC is totally wrong with its requirement for safety grounding?

    Back in the day, cars had mechanical brakes, then came hydraulic brakes, then came dual master cylinders for increased safety. By your logic if the brake line going to the front wheels is leaking or your car pulls to the left when using the brakes, you would recommend disconnecting the master cylinder for the front wheels instead of correcting the actual problem.

    So what? We lived with single cylinder master cylinders for years. Dual master cylinders save lives.

    The list of safety improvements over time is almost limitless. Using procedures from back in the day to make you point is faulty logic.

    Again, answer my question, are you saying that no one has ever been shocked or electrocuted by a device without proper grounding? Are you saying that proper safety grounding has never prevented electrical shock or electrocution?

    If so show me the numbers.

    Correct grounding helps to prevent electrical shock and even death due to electrical shock.
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    Well all is working,It is kind of weird,i hooked my laptop up instead of tuner and the preamp works 100% correct.Maybe this ground to the tuner has something to do with the preamp not working proper???? Just ground issues,i will just deal with it for now,i will figure out a ground sequence as i go. THANK YOU
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    I see on ESP's site a ground loop circuit arranged with 4 rectifiers plus a 10 ohm/5W resistor and a 100nF cap in parallel;
    and a "loop breaker", arranged with 2 rectifiers plus a 10 ohm/5W resistor and a 100nF cap, all in parallel (I could also link the 2 pictures, but I'm not sure if that's allowed).

    Does anyone know any difference the "loop breaker" has comparing the ground loop? Thanks.

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