Ground Score Audiophonics SR-2130 Stereo Receiver

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by davidsage72, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. davidsage72

    davidsage72 New Member

    Just picked up two new receivers. Have not cleaned controls and both sound good.
    1 audiophonics sr2130
    2 concept 5.5
    I am new to AK and know little about these receivers. any info appreciated.
    Tested using DCM timeframe 700 speakers.
    Main system source PC, via usb audio interface-komplete audio 6, poweramp- qsc gx3 150 watts 8 ohm, RSL 3600 studio monitors, balanced xlr and trs interconnects, monster cable z series zri speaker cable.

    I love this shit.
    DSC fun.jpg


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