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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by musichal, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. gadget73

    gadget73 junk junkie Subscriber

    Southern NJ
    Currently 37, so age 18-19 roundabout the turn of the century I was using the Allied 495 that I still own, a pair of Realistic Nova 9 speakers, and I think my primary source was the computer with crap bitrate mp3 files sourced from Napster and the like or broadcast FM. The speakers got left behind when I moved about 12 years ago, and I think that may have been a mistake. They would have been stellar garage rockers with the 15" woofers.


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  2. judsonw

    judsonw Well-Known Member

    Bellingham, WA, USA
    I would have been 16. I had a nice little set up in my bedroom thanks to my dad giving me his hand-me-downs. I cannot remember all of the specifics unfortunately. The generics I remember:
    A two tray CD player/burner
    A DVD player
    A Realistic Lab-300 (still have)
    A Teac A-2300SD (I think I had rescued this from my dad parting ways with it at this point. If not, it is probably just a few months away from happening).
    A Sony receiver from the 1990s,
    Bose 3.1 cube speakers for the fronts
    A pair of I think KLH small bookshelf speakers that had seen better days for the rears.

    My friends still have the Sony and the speakers since I give it to them a decade ago while I was at university and was not using them. They had an apartment and I felt they needed better than the TV speakers.
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  3. captouch

    captouch AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bay Area, CA
    That was right around when I transitioned from my first stereo system (Yamaha RX receiver, Infinity RS 2000 speakers, Magnavox CD player) to stuff that was not entirely mass market:

    Sony TA-E77ESD preamp
    B&K EX442 Sonata amp
    Paradigm 11SE Mk II speakers

    Though I bought other speakers 6-7 years later (still keeping the Paradigms for surround sound), the electronics I ended up keeping for 20+ years.
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    DOBIEGUY AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Woodhaven N.Y.
    1985 would have been the last year in our apartment. At that time my hi-fi was comprised of a chrome handled Bryston 3b, an Apt/Holman preamp, Linn LP-12 TT ,Yamaha T-2 tuner and a pair of Magnepan MG 2a speakers.
    Still own it all but the Pans. The Apt moves in and out of rotation. I would never think of selling it.
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  5. teal'c

    teal'c Moomber Subscriber

    Michigan, N of Detroit
    About the same. I had just purchased my CV AT-15s that I still run, and my Technics SA-530 that I still run.
    Biggest difference is I'm twice as old and there's more music to listen too.

    Lots of FM stations, lots fewer cassettes, a few more CDs, 2 more USB sticks, and a little bit of streaming.
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  6. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada
    28 in 1990 I had a Pioneer SX-880
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  7. cpt_paranoia

    cpt_paranoia Super Member


    Ariston RD-40
    Marantz CD-41
    Arcam Delta 90.2 amp
    Arcam Two speakers

    Still my main system. Don't use the turntable or CD player. Considering resurrecting the TT for giggles.

    Have added other more 'lifestyle' systems to support streaming around the house, plus 'rescuing' small speakers from charity shops...
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  8. Ohighway

    Ohighway Wannabe Minimalist Subscriber

    That puts me at 1985.

    Pioneer SA-9900 integrated amp, Infinity Qb speakers, Thorens TD-160c turntable, Kenwood KT-8300 tuner, TEAC A2300sd reel deck, Akai HI-Fi stereo VHS deck, and a Harman Kardon mid level cassette deck (can't remember model number). I still have all except for the VHS deck.

    Mostly listened to vinyl and FM. Reel and cassette were used infrequently.... the cassette only to record tapes for use in my car.

    As I think of it, I really wouldn't feel like I was suffering if this was still the system that I used.

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  9. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
    I am 56 so that would be around 1989.It was probably a 70s quad Kenwood,Pioneer cassette for the life of me I don't remember the speakers.At that time it was more about car Audio.Everything from Kraco to Alpine,Blaupunkt and Concord.That and still discovering all that great late 60s and early 70s rock.
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  10. Guest126

    Guest126 Well-Known Member

    Ok that places me in my mid 20's (circa about 1990-1992): I was running a Sansui 9090 db with Bose Interaudio 10" 3-way towers, Garrard GT-15 TT, Sony 5 disc CD changer (new), and I shared my brother's JBL L100 12" floorspeakers, technics equalizer, and SL-1200 TT. My system was pretty good for that period I'd say.

    My preferred genre was R&B and Smooth Jazz (this was a couple of years before I discovered the genius of traditional Jazz music). My music tastes are a bit wider these days, but I still like the genres that I started out with.
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  11. manu et deo

    manu et deo I'm loving it! Subscriber

    SW Riverside County, CA
    When I was 21, I didn't have a stereo in the room I rented, but I think we had a Kenwwod avr with some matching speakers in the living room and a 60 disc cd changer. My pride and joy was my Alpine cd player and speakers in my 87 Corolla.
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  12. Harvestor

    Harvestor Super Member

    kenwood 1986 - 00007.jpg kenwood 1986 - 00018.jpg

    I was 18 when I purchased from Highland Appliance the 95 & 850 & 95 tape deck & D9 Cerwin Vega's

    But that's 32 years ago and I am still using it all today... and I forgot to mention i purchased a pair of Mach ones in 1983 im still using also today and a pair of Acoustiflex model 12 from 1971 that my uncle purchased from Stereoland in 71 that I refinished last winter and the EQ from 1982 i purchased in 82

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  13. abpeep

    abpeep OU Sucks!! Subscriber

    Buda, TX
    In 1988, I listened to a Pioneer PL-12D II, Yamaha A-560 integrated, and a pair of Klipsch Heresy I. I still have them all but none get very much use - the Heresy were in my system a while back while I refoamed my BA T-1030's and the 12D II gets used occasionally in the shop with gear I need to check.

    Didn't really listen to FM then except in the car but with a 16 year-old girl in the house, MTV was on a lot. At least it sounded a little better through the stereo...

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  14. mhjmhjones

    mhjmhjones AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Delaware, USA
    At age 24.5 in 1993-94, I had a Panasonic SA HE70 5.1 500-watt receiver, some unknown 5-disk CD player (Sony maybe?), probably a double cassette deck, a pair of KLH speakers and some Sony surround sound speakers. The receiver crapped out probably 2002-2003 (couldn't handle 4-ohm AR-3As, is my guess) and I replaced it with my current Pioneer Elite that I love. Who knows what happened to the cassette deck - Goodwill probably. No recollection of the CD player either - probably crapped out. The Sony surround speakers I sold on eBay in early 2000s. The KLH speakers I traded for some live edge walnut and other high-end lumber that is built into my current house (fifth residence since the apartment I was in back in 1994) - also built a pretty cool now-playing record stand that sits on top of one of my Advent Loudspeakers, next to my current setup.
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  15. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Realistic digital receiver, model number unknown although I still have it. Rated at 100/ch but more like 60. Never sounded the best. Very cheap Pioneer TT, P mount very cheap cart. Pioneer 6 disc carousel that I purchased at Aldi's grocery, Realistic cassette deck for recording tapes for the car, and Advent Legacy speakers. I think a Pioneer graphic equalizer. Was ok, cannot imagine how it would compare to my system today.

    This would be around 1992-3.
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  16. mprince

    mprince AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Mooresville, NC
    At half my currrent age, I had a system consisting of:

    Kenwood KA-880D integrated amp (which I owned from new until last year when I passed it on to an AK'er)
    Denon DCD-1520 CDP
    Teac V-750 Cassette Deck
    Genesis 33 speakers (wish I still had these)

    By this time (1991-1992), I had foolishly sold all of my records and taken my Akai turntable out of my system as CD's were the "thing". Also, I packed up everything I owned into the back of a Toyota pickup and moved from MA to NC in November 1991, so the records would have been hard to move. Kind of funny how it's come full circle for me as my current system has a turntable and no CD player...
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  17. E-Stat

    E-Stat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    System circa '88. Shortly afterwards, we finished the basement and moved the system downstairs - which became my first dedicated listening space.


    Shinon Red cartridge (still have, but retipped and not in use)
    Souther TQ-1 tonearm (still have but mounted on VPI Scout)
    Ariston RD-11s turntable (still have now with SME3009 but not in use)
    VPI HW-1 isolation base (still in use)
    VPI HW-16 RCM (still in use)
    Radio Shack TM-100 tuner (hidden in cabinet)
    Audio Research SP-6C-1 preamp
    Threshold Stasis 3 amplifier (just barely in sight on floor between speakers at far right - sold last year)
    Acoustat 2+2 Red Medallion speakers (sold them, but now have half sized 1+1s in use with HT)

    edit: Still have the Australian boomerangs. :)
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  18. RTally

    RTally Speaker addict Subscriber

    Knoxville, Tennessee
    I was 31 in 1987. I had a Pioneer SX-60 driving a pair of Magneplanar MG-1a. I still have the Pioneer. It is currently driving a newer pair of Magneplanar MMG speakers.

    I had a turntable. I think it was a Technics. I also had a Pioneer CT-F1000 cassette tape deck. Both are long gone. I had just bought my first CD player and was slowly building my CD collection.
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  19. sqlsavior

    sqlsavior AK Subscriber Subscriber

    EspaƱola NM
    In 1988 I was 30 years old, and was finishing up a degree at University of Alaska Fairbanks. I had just moved to Alaska the year before, and had my records and a few CDs, an NAD 3020A amplifier, my DIY 6.5" two-way loudspeakers, a Denon DCD-620 CD player, and a Technics SL-DD20 p-mount turntable with some budget MM cart. The vinyl front end was a considerable step down from what I had when I was ten years younger, but I made do.

    I still bought current music, but had pretty much skipped the grunge phenomenon, and the hair bands. More like Joe Jackson, The Pretenders, Oingo Boingo. My listening habits were seldom evaluational then - not much 'critical listening' going on - I was living with what I had brought with me. Except that I did break down and buy my first TV after living without one by choice for the previous decade. But I also got a VCR, and only used the TV for watching movies.
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  20. SaSi

    SaSi Seriously Illogical Subscriber

    Athens, Greece
    I am 54 now so at half age that was 27 and it was 1991.
    At that time my system comprised of:
    Dual 1009 TT with Stanton 681EEE
    Luxman L-2 integrated amplifier
    DIY built versions of KEF KIT1 (like Reference 101)
    Aiwa AD-F880 cassette deck
    Pioneer digital FM tuner (can't remember the exact model but it was nice as it came with sheets of pre-printed green labels with tuning frequencies to insert above the preset buttons)
    Denon DCD-800 CD player

    The Dual was not a great performer any longer (didn't know about fixing the idler back then) and the cart was not a good match. The amplifier at 2x32WRMS was inadequate for the loudspeakers but provided good results in my average sized home-office, the loudspeakers sounded great above 100Hz and I was pretty happy with the cassette deck and CD player. At that time I was still busy exchanging LPs and mostly CDs with a childhood friend taping them. I still have the cassettes and they play fine, especially the ones from CDs. I re-recorded most of the LP source cassettes when I made my first new purchases that brought me back to analog in 2008, a Revox B791 with an Ortofon MC20MkII and an Ortofon T-30 step up transformer. Analog sound had never sounded that good before.
    I still have all the above equipment in the basement shelving and still use the loudspeakers. The aiwa cassette deck is superceded by an aiwa XK-009, the TT by the Revox (still my main TT) and the amplifier by a set of Technics 9011/9021 separates in the home office. Three more systems in other places in the house.

    I'm sorry to say that back then, I had more time to spend for listening/recording compared to now. I was "hunting" music from all sources (except the internet because it was not yet invented/available to the public) and music had a bigger value than today that we can order almost any CD from various sources or even stream music for free from places like spotify.
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