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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by jedcaum, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. jedcaum

    jedcaum New Member

    So, I'm a long time enthusiast and newish to the actual collecting part of the hobby. Found a receiver in my never-ending chase for the next thing that I had to go see, and having seen, made a play for that surprised normally reserved (and cheap) me.

    The Citation Receiver. Pictures do do this baby justice, but the impression in person is even more striking than it's silver, black, glossy glowing, Trans-Am emulating (no kidding - the side panels!), incredible-sounding presence hits hard in every area.

    Bringing it home, I've been hearing the full potential of some Boston A100s and T830s for the first time, ever. I can only imagine what they'll do for my Heresies, Timeframes, DLKs, PSBs, and Large Advents that are waiting their turn for a spin.

    It's the new and current centerpiece in my library system, and mates beautifully with a Mitsubishi LT-20. Also running tape through an original Advent deck, and CDs courtesy of a Rega Planet.

    First impressions are kind of stunning, actually. It easily sounds as good as my high-powered NAD separates, and gives my McIntosh Mc250 a run for it's money - actually, I think it sounds better.

    Just wanted to celebrate a little. Would love to hear from anyone else that's had an experience with what I have to say, may live up to the hype that I've read as "the best receiver of all time?"

    Specifically, I'm interested to know real specs as they seem somewhat foggy - 85 wpc? 143 wpc (bench test)? Which is it? In head to head comparisons, what have you liked more or less?

    Any tips or things to look out for? Cautionary tales? The only thing I know is an issue with the example I snagged was the touch controls - they work, but as I read they are supposed to "remember" the last source selected and mine does not. I think I saw this could be a bad IC chip, and there are possible replacements for that, but interested in anything this august body can contribute.

    As you can probably tell, I'm excited. Pics when I can figure it out. Look forward to sharing my excitement and hearing your contributions. Thanks!
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  2. jedcaum

    jedcaum New Member

    Pics - but believe me, it happened!

    Image-8.jpg Image-10.jpg

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  3. Goober2

    Goober2 New Member

    Well, I’ll comment. It is exactly as you said.. stunning. Unfortunately I can’t offer more thoughts as I have no experience with this myself, but someone ought to comment on your beautiful score
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  4. jedcaum

    jedcaum New Member

    Thanks! The more I listen to it, the more discovered....

    Some folks say the phono stage in the Citation is not stellar. It's revealing, is what I've found.

    Good sources sound spectacular, lots of dynamic range and punch, and clarity. Bad sources are immediately shown as bad... albums listenable on my other rigs show all their flaws playing through this one. Had to take some old, worn Clapton off the other night, just too much noise in the signal.... but ALL of it present on the album and faithfully transmitted by my Mitsubishi to the Citation, which is simply amplifying what it's given and transmitting ALL of it.

    I may try a selectable phono stage to swap in when I know my records aren't up to the task here. Or, just play them on the other rigs. Or, listen to the flaws on this one.

    Right now I'm listening to "Mountain Meadow" by Elliot Brood and it's an album that's recorded well, but with enough energy that I did not hear all it's glory through a very good NAD setup. This one is loads better.

    Crisp, clean, punch, and enough warmth to make it all accessible and not clinical. Feel like I'm surrounded by mandolins! ;)
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  5. peerson

    peerson Super Member

    Kansas City area
    That is one beautiful receiver!
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  6. GarmanVardon

    GarmanVardon AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Had one these last year and can tell you the touch control is designed to auto reset to phono one.


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