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Discussion in 'Tape' started by illini, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. illini

    illini The Past is Alive

    I picked up a harman/kardon DC5300 dual cassette deck recently. Nice and clean except for a few spider webs.

    This unit has a problem accepting commands from the front interface; when a tape is loaded the stop/play/ff/rw buttons do not do anything.

    So I sprayed deoxit d5 all over the insidey parts and let it dry. Then I loaded a tape and was able to play/ff/rw at will. Was very happy.

    But then 10 minutes later the same problem came to fruition; with a cassette tape loaded into the deck none of the buttons (play/ff/rw, etc.) did anything.

    So, my question is: when most of the button commands of the DC5300 do not work what should I do? Remove the front plate and dexoit?


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  2. illini

    illini The Past is Alive

    Ok. So.

    Thanks for the help guys. *snark* This deck has been repaired.

    I took the top cover of this one off again tonight and began troubleshooting the original problem.

    I noticed that if I elevate the front right corner of the deck, with the cover off, the commands I sent via the front panel made it to deck (dolby selection, mbx, direction mode, etc.), and if I did not elevate the front right corner the deck would just sit there looking at me.

    So I loosened screws on the large circuit board (at the right) and repeated the above. No change.

    The problem must be in the command/faceplate area. So I removed the front faceplate and removed the display circuit board and deoxited the connections and tested the unit with it partially disassembled. It worked flawlessly.

    The unit was reassembled and it now plays all playback functions perfectly. It's an amazingly clean deck and sounds great. Bauhaus now playing.

  3. revox-b77

    revox-b77 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Fingerlakes, NY
    Glad you got it going again. Nice sleuthing.
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