Has anyone had any experience with computer HDMI audio feeding a A/V receiver

Discussion in 'Digital Integration' started by Bill Ferris, Apr 17, 2017.

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    FWIW-- :blah: I have an update on this digital feed situation of mine.. Today I decided to explore some more into why I was not able to successfully decode my original S/PDIF coaxial feed to my A/V HT Integra preamp from my recently setup computer audio streaming interface.. The problem turned out to be that I had my lap-top`s playback sampling rate setting set too high for the DRM S/PDIF restrictions.. When I decided to try setting the playback quality to 16 bit 44.1 kb(CD specs.) down from 24 bit 192 kbps, the Integra decoded and produced very good SQ music output.. Just as it had before when playing CDs from the Sony 400 disc carrousel player for five years prior through the same S/PDIF feed setup.. It would seem that I did not think to check that important setting when converting from CD player to computer.. I present this oversight of mine so that someone else might avoid this situation.. As I`m recently new(early Oct. 2016) to computer digital music streaming and still learning.. Thank you, to all the responding AK member`s suggestions and responses on this, and also, my attempts of a semi-successful HDMI audio feed work around with the playback bit rate at 24 bit 48 kbps.. Mercy sakes alive !! Digital is not always better, but, in fact, different IMHO !! HA !! :idea: Take care. Regards, OKB


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