Hdmi to composite cable

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by jimimac, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. jimimac

    jimimac Active Member

    Binghamton N.Y
    Just bought newer smart T.V only has Hdmi. I have vintage receiver with composite (rca) two channel audio connection. I see they have hdmi male to component cable if I just use the red and white to play the TV through the stereo will that work? Or is there other options?


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  2. the skipper

    the skipper Amateur Curmudgeon Subscriber

    I would be very skeptical of such cables. HDMI is a digital medium and that red/white connection is an analog medium. You need some means to convert the signal from one to the other and it takes more than a simple cable.

    Something like this might work. https://www.amazon.com/ViewHD-Extra...keywords=hdmi+to+analog+audio+converter&psc=1

    Disclaimer: I haven't tried it but I'm damn sure a simple cable won't do it.
  3. pustelniakr

    pustelniakr Silver Miner at Large Staff Member Super Mod Moderator Subscriber

    Tucson, AZ
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  4. EJC1

    EJC1 Active Member

    I had to do just the opposite when I wanted to connect a Chromecast to an older tv. It worked well.
    If you are sending the signal from the TV to the Receiver the HDMI to AV should work.
    The simplest connection would be the TV audio out (mini-jack) to the receiver (RCA)

    In reality, it sounds like it's time to upgrade the receiver.
    If you have any interest, I just replaced my Yamaha RX-S600 5.1 receiver (has HDMI, but no phono) with an RX-A1080. The receiver worked fine.
    If you have any interest please PM me.

  5. donprice

    donprice Wound up workin' at a gas station.... Subscriber

    I don't believe it :eek:....they do sell an HDMI to RCA cable ...unfortunately it is not a DAC or ADC so it has an impressive 65% 1-star rating on amazon because it can't and won't do what lots of buyers assume that it will do just because the ends look like what they need and it only costs $6.45. And they didn't read or understand the details :deal:

    Get the HDMI audio extractor....
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  6. Imprecise

    Imprecise Super Member

    They can be had for a little over $20 and up. But as you alluded to, the OP should carefully read exactly what a device does before shelling out cash. HDMI input from the TV, 2 channel audio output on RCA connectors to go into the receiver.


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  7. Aspen

    Aspen Active Member

    London, Ontario
    I use one to take HDMI to an old TV in component at 1080i, works fine.
  8. nedseg

    nedseg AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Does the new TV have a headphone jack? I've been using that more or less ok with my powered speakers....

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