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Headphone Jack not putting out sound

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Dswankey, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Dswankey

    Dswankey Super Member

    A year or 2 ago I gifted a Luxman R-115 to a buddy of mine as a house warming gift. The unit has been working flawlessly as he uses it primarily to spin vinyl.

    Now that he has a child he's decided to go the headphone route and when he plugged in his phones he gets no sound. I told him to make sure both the A & B speaker selects are in the OUT position, which he did and nothing.

    I'm looking for any basic troubleshooting advice from any of you out there who have run into headphone jacks not working, if any there are any Luxman owners who want to chime in that would be great.



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  2. BinaryMike

    BinaryMike Pelagic EE Subscriber

    If the jack hasn't been used, or used very little, there could be a pretty thick layer of crud on the contacts. I would put a little DeOxit on the plug and work it in and out many times to see if the crud clears.
  3. Dswankey

    Dswankey Super Member

    I owned the unit for a couple of years and never used the jack so I'm thinking you are spot on with your suggestion which I will forward to him. Thanks!!!
  4. Dswankey

    Dswankey Super Member

    So I tried the Deoxit and did as was suggested and nothing. What's interesting is that I was getting some sound intermittently while the sound was also coming out of the speakers.
  5. imral3

    imral3 Super Member

    Blackwood, New Jersey
    Crack her open and take a look-see!

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