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    Hi all. Thought I'd post this for posterity, in case anyone needs the programming cards for this digital tuner. I just finished a full recap on it the other day, and have to say it sounds beautiful. Pulls stations in hard even using just 5" solder for testing. If you ever find one of these tuners in the wild, give it some love and care and you'll have yourselves a beautifully performing oddity.

    To make it more convenient to use, I needed some new programming cards for the preset stations. Having no internal memory, it basically uses punch cards to set its three presets.There were some cards on eBay, but at three for $40 with shipping, I figured I could give a try at making my own.

    I scanned one of the used cards that I had, then cleaned the image up a bit in Photoshop. Printed off the image, then cut them out. Turns out the perfect stock to glue the images to is old gift cards/credit cards. Exactly the thickness and strength required, and easy to cut straight. Helps if you scuff the surface of the card, but only a bit.

    Once dry, simply cut the images off the card stock, and you're ready to program in your favourite stations! Worked like a charm.

    Attached is final image that I printed. I didn't bother to fill in the missing program numbers, as you can't see them and it really doesn't matter. If you're super OCD, feel free to fill them in. This is not a bad solution for basically free, using materials that you probably have around the house.

    I messed up the title, it should be a Heathkit AJ 1500

    IMG_20181103_0005alt2.jpg IMG_20181105_143942.jpg


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