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Help choosing transistors and op-amps for guitar amp

Discussion in 'DIY' started by from lotus, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. from lotus

    from lotus New Member

    No. Ca
    i made 2) 12 volt battery pack from AA batteries.
    got the Lm1875 working with an MPSA13 transistor pre stage. with both a single and a duel power supply.:beerchug:
    I have a an old Sony 7 transistor am fm radio $7 at the thrift store. wired a 1 transistor pre amp for guitar.
    it sounds really good

    the idea is to build 20-50 watt Guitar amps. with clean , and 2-3 distortions.
    12-18 volts duel power supply, also a 12 volt single power supply so it can run off a car battery
    and lower voltage signal disruptors (overdrive, distortion, fuss box)
    I connect my pre amps to the 80 watt amp i snag for $9 at the thrift store.
    I'm doing good with 1 and 2 transistor pre amps clean and distorted.
    I can get a good distorted sound but not a good clean sound with 3-4 transistor pre amps.

    I here people talk about more volts more volts!!, but a car stereo with a single 12 volt power supply can be loud.
    so how many volts do I deed to run a 50 -75 watt speaker / 100 watt speaker.
    ready to work on push-pull and power amps.
    Before moving on to the tubes
    Getting ready to order parts., help me if you can this is what. I'm thinking.
    should i delete any of these and do you have any to add

    Transistors; MPSA-14,18,63,64,65... BC-108,327,337,547,557... 2N-2219,2222,2907,3904,3906,4401,4403,5457... PN2369,... TIP-41,42
    op amps; TDA-2009,2050... NE5532... lm1875... opa2604... 1458... 4558

    **and help where to get germanium**
    more interested in the transistors than the op amps.
    a little more work and late night studying
    only been at this for a few months so help is needing


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  2. elnaldo

    elnaldo Addicted Member

    Buenos Aires GMT-3
  3. from lotus

    from lotus New Member

    No. Ca
    i like the looks of the cube 40
    i have the Roland Micro cube(for a long time), but it's... well old

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