Help I want to upgrade but to what?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Dynamicmad, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Dynamicmad

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    Clintonville Wi
    I currently have a Rega RP1 with the standard cart it came with. I have recently upgraded the rest of my system. Would be looking to spend $1000-$2000. I know this question is very opinion based. I would like to hear from people that have had first hand experience with tables in that price range. I have a halo p5 pre amp and will use the phono stage in it for now but would be open to also upgrading to a better phono stage.


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  2. dcmfan

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    Welcome 2 Missouri
    When I decided to upgrade from my Rega I did a lot of research and decided to buy a SOTA. It had the mass and suspension i had enjoyed with a Dual, and the capability to accept tonearm and cartridge upgrades forever. It is everything I wanted it to be. Great bass, unparalleled isolation and rock solid performance.

    More here:.

    Their are four SOTA Sapphire turntables on eBay right now in your price range with tonearm and cartridge. A refurbished Sapphire direct from SOTA is at the top of your budget, but you could use the tonearm from your P1 to start, or sell the P1 and look for a used tonearm.

    Later, the Sapphire can be upgraded with vacuum hold down to make it a Star model.

    I'm considering a new round of upgrades, but the turntable is set. This could be the last table I ever buy!

    Happy hunting and good luck!
  3. jrtrent

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    Normally, an upgrade is an upgrade if its strengths better complement the type of reproduction you are looking for. There are a lot of different sonic criteria, and some are more important to one person than another. For someone whose signature reads, "I change gear too often to list," it can be hard to make a recommendation that will still be valid after the next round of gear changes. I'd say that anything in the price range you're looking at from Rega, SOTA, VPI, Clearaudio, or Michell will have strengths that go beyond your RP1, but each will sound different from the others, and individual taste will dictate which model is preferred. The RP1 itself is a pretty good deck, and you can get more out of it by a variety of upgrades; one local dealer recommends Rega's upgraded white belt, a Herbies mat, and an Ortofon OM20 over Rega's own "performance pack" (actually, since Rega's entry level model used to come with an OM5E cartridge, he recommended the Stylus 20 for the OM5 body; I don't know whether you have the Ortofon or the Rega Carbon that the RP1 later came fitted with). A friend of mine has tried both the Rega upgrade package and the Herbies/Ortofon and prefers the latter, having used that combination quite happily for at least the last four years, now (with annual stylus change). I'm always impressed with it when I visit his home for some extended vinyl enjoyment.

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