Help me choose my next Amp. $1000ish budget

Discussion in 'New Gear - Performance' started by zoso7374, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. zoso7374

    zoso7374 Active Member

    Pittstown, NJ
    I am powering some Bowers and Wilkins 801's. Here are my choices:

    Option # 1 - My current amp, a Carver M4.0. I would get the full work up from Rolland Barr which includes:

    Chassis Refresh
    • Repair all issues
    • Touchup all poor solder
    • Install all factory updates
    • Replace 100% of the electrolytic capacitors / amplifier, power supply
    • Completely scrub boards to remove all contamination, flux
    • Replace Opto coupler
    • Calibrate to factory specifications
    • One year parts and labor on all work performed
    • Cost $339.00 plus return shipping
    Modification for sonic improvements to the midrange and high frequency performance
    • Polypropylene bypass modification $65.00 (Optional)
    • Low ESR Array power supply upgrade $115.00 (Optional)
    • Low noise high slew rate opamps $65.00 (Optional)
    There are three upgrades available for the M-4.0t These modifications provide the following improvements

    #1 The polypropylene bypass modification will give the amplifier a more natural presentation in the midband & upper octaves

    #2 The low noise opamps improve the signal to noise ratio which is a result of the IC's improved CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) you will notice smoother sound throughout the entire audio band

    #3 The low ESR array improves the recovery time in the high rail +- 120 volt DC power supply, the benefit is improved control in the low end, the margins are also improved. 105C 9K9UF per rail 160WVDC

    Option # 2 - (used) Bryston 4Be

    Option # 3 - (brand new) Parasound 2250v2

    Option # 4 - Something you guys recommend other than what I listed


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  2. Taylor Player

    Taylor Player AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'd be all over that Bryston...but that's just me: I'm a sucker for their gear.
  3. awillia6

    awillia6 Super Member

    Look at ATI. You won't find better S/N anywhere and the amps are bulletproof. 5-year warranty. Can go full retail, B-stock, or Monoprice (wait for 15-30% sales). Good luck.
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  4. Mamrak1

    Mamrak1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I wouldn't dump all that money into the Carver amp. I would probably go with the new Parasound.
  5. runnin'

    runnin' Super Member

    Late to the party, but I’ll suggest Adcom. From their current line up, the 555SE goes on sale at their site ocassionally. Or safely under the budget mentioned, the 555MS. Only difference is 125 wpc or 200 wpc for the SE model.

    Very dynamic sound. I actually prefer the 555SE over my old Parasound Halo A21.
  6. trinhsman

    trinhsman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    On a lake in Georgia
    I found " bang for the buck" Emotiva amps are really good. I owned several before finally getting to where I am at now. Still own some of their stuff in my basement system. Also, 5 year warranty on new gear.


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  7. sanford12

    sanford12 Old Stuff New Stuff As long as it's Good Stuff Subscriber

    Blue grass country
    Check out the Outlaw RR2160. I've had one for a few months now and really like the sound. Lots of features.
  8. jazzmans

    jazzmans Super Member

    devils playground, NV
    IMO, my Carver M1.5t, PM 1.5, and PM 350 all sounded better then my Bryston 4b SSt did on my infinity and magnepan speakers. I bought the bryston brand new in 2003 thinking it was better then my M1.5t, but after a couple of years, the carver went back in, and the bryston got sold. all the aforementioned carver amps are in service now in my various systems.

    I'd either go get the full mods done to the carver, or look at modern pro sound digital amps, (crown, yamaha).
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  9. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    Even better, it's a transferable warranty, easily accomplished by an email to emo.
  10. Svensson

    Svensson New Member

    I would be looking into budget amps (well one at least) in an upcoming video I m doing at youtube.
    Probably out by Friday 23rd March '18 latest. :)
  11. zoso7374

    zoso7374 Active Member

    Pittstown, NJ
    So update to the thread. The carver has been sent out for this service and upgrade package. I am still open to the discussion though, going to look at some of the things mentioned here. Thanks for the input everyone!
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  12. Soun!

    Soun! New Member

    The Great Prairies, Canada
    You are not the first recommending to look at PRO digital amps, @jazzmans ... What Crown or Yamaha power amps would you compare favourably in terms of their SOUND to Bryston 4B SST or SST2, please? Do all of them use forced convection for cooling, I wonder?;)
    You have extensive knowledge and experience using Carver power amps, and I would very much like to learn your opinion on M-500t:
    8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 251W
    Rated full power bandwidth +0. -3dB 1Hz to 100kHz (bass must be amazing!)
    S/N > 120 dB (very quiet)
    and also extremely fast with Slew Rate > 200 (measured in V/microsecond, I assume)
    What Carver power amp would you consider to be a better alternative to the M-500t for home Hi-Fi purposes?;)

    Please chime in!:)
  13. 59volvo

    59volvo Super Member

    Crown xls 1502, 2002, or 2502 depending on how much power you want

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