HELP PLEASE - Realistic STA 2000 - Red Stereo Light Not Functioning

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by Juicer, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Hello All, I am new here but have visited many times and find this to be an excellent site. I hope this post is in the proper location, if not, please contact me informing me where I have to go with this post. I recently picked up a Realistic STA 2000. Looks great and sounds great hooked up to my Dynaco A25s. The only issues it has is the red Stereo indicator light not working. I opened it up to blow it out and clean the pots as well as remover the bulb. Bulb was good and after reading some posts on here I cleaned VR202 and VR203 and BINGO we had lights. Before closing it up I was playing it when I realized MUTE was not functioning, back to the boards and diagram. Seeing you had adjust VR201 for MUTE I went out and cleaned the VR201 as well as the MUTE push button. Really not sure hot to clean those push button contacts - any advise on this would be great on this as maybe this could help me with the MONO / STEREO red light issue??? Bottom line MUTE started working and the red light stopped working :( So, I am here seeking advise and help. I have attached the diagram for the circuit. Gladly would send a couple nice cigars your way for help on this. - Paul

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