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Help! Question mid Crites XO install

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by Jon Kasper, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Jon Kasper

    Jon Kasper New Member

    Hi guys - I'm in the middle of installing new Crites Crossovers in my Cornwall IIs, and forgot to examine and mark the red versus black connections on the woofer as it was coming out. I realized how foolish this was just after disconnecting it, and marked all other items as they were coming out. Now it's time to reconnect th woofer, however the woofer doesn't seem to have a sign on it to indicate which side is red versus black...

    See a picture of the woofer attached with what appears to be a purplish mark. Any idea which side is red versus black?

    If not, perhaps I should use the other woofer for a clue?

    Thanks very much for any help anyone can provide


  2. Jirachi

    Jirachi New Member

    Looks like it's marked to me
  3. Jon Kasper

    Jon Kasper New Member

    Figured it out when opening the second speaker. The positive connection was marked in purple.

    Thanks !
  4. twiiii

    twiiii Super Member

    If it happens a gain take a 1.5 volt battery and connect to the terminals briefly, if the woofer cone moves away from the magnet then the positive of the battery is connected to the positive of the woofer. If the cone moves toward the magnet then the polarity is reversed. remember opposites attract.

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