Help with Class D amp board input connections

Discussion in 'Digital Integration' started by eplates, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. eplates

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    Bought a TPA 3152 amp board on Ebay and it has inputs I'm not familiar with has (in-a) (gnd) and ( in-b ) the only inputs pins I have used in the past RCA for inputting from a usb DAC from my would I connect a RCA ouput from the DAC to these inputs? the amp page is here I'm not that Technical: ..thanks for any help with this


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  2. Bert 1100

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    Planquiri, Switzerland
    This is just an amp board. You need a power supply, and a case. And a volume control if you will not be using a preamp.
    Normally you would mount RCA female plugs on the case, both outside rings of the rca's go to gnd, then the middle pin of the plugs go to (got it wrong look at the bottom of this post)

    If you are "not that technical" maybe you should do some learning before buying amp boards ?

    Good luck, I hope you manage with this...

    Edit : looks like I'm wrong. You need to connect the signal to IN A and IN C for the two channels. And the ground to gnd of both connectors. The rest is for balanced inputs which I guess you will not use.
    And you need the jumpers set to single-ended (SE)
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  3. petehall347

    petehall347 the brandy coffee man Subscriber

    uk.. the middle bit
    it explains connections in the pic at the bottom .
  4. eplates

    eplates New Member

    Yeah i should learn before I leap ..thanks the way you described it makes sense

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