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Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by old_s13, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. old_s13

    old_s13 New Member

    Hello everyone

    I am trying to do something that may be considered stupid, but I have some excess speakers and parts that I am trying to put to work. I'm a firm believer in making lemonade out of lemons.

    I have a beater pair of Mackie HR824 studio monitors that were missing tweeters. And, I happened to have an extra pair of EMIT-R tweeters that dropped in with minimal modification. I've known that all of the EMIT tweeters need to be crossed over higher than traditional tweeters. The current crossover is @ 1.6 kHz which is too low and I believe would end up damaging the EMIT tweeter. Does anyone have any advise on how I can raise the HF crossover point to protect the EMIT-Rs?

    Spec-wise, the tweeters seem to be fairly close:
    Vifa Titanium Dome Tweeter measured @ 4.7ohm w/ 91db sensitivity
    EMIT-R measured @ 3.4ohm. This may be incorrect, but the sensitivity I found online was 94db.

    Thanks for any advice


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  2. pauljh

    pauljh Active Member

    San Francisco
    Earlier EMITs (not EMIT-Rs) can survive with a first order 3KHz crossover which you can get with a 3.5uF series capacitor, but you should also add a 1.25 amp AGC fuse.
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  3. savatage1973

    savatage1973 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    In their original applications--the Kappa X.1 series, Infinity crossed them over at 4.7KHz, but that was a three-way design. I don't know how low you can actually push them, but it sounds like you might not be able make them work effectively even down to 3KHz, and crossing them at 4.7KHz is likely to leave you a big "hole" in the midrange.

    It appears that the original crossover in your Mackies was 1900Hz, so that will definitely leave a big "hole".
  4. swechsler

    swechsler Frog Whisperer

    7th row center
    This page says that they are biamplified, which implies an active crossover, which in turn means that modifications will be a lot more complicated and probably not practical.
  5. old_s13

    old_s13 New Member

    The more I've thought about it the more I believe its not going to be possible, due to the frequency gap between the two drivers. I've always heard the EMITS should be crossed over at a min of 3kHz, but I am not sure just how durable the EMIT-Rs are in comparison. It would be a waste of a great tweeter as I would hate to just burn it up.

    I have a replacement pair of original Mackie tweeters coming anyway, but I was damn curious to see if the EMITs would sound nice in this application.
  6. elnaldo

    elnaldo Addicted Member

    Buenos Aires GMT-3
    Infinity Qe in crossed at 2.5Khz 2nd order, but it's not an Emit R.

    I'd say you need another tweeter. Or try them, but adding a capacitor to filter lower freqs going to the tweeter.


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  7. 432HzBob

    432HzBob Addicted Member

    West Coast
    I think the EMIT-R's are meant to be crossed over a little higher than the regular Emit's.
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  8. Bahamayellow

    Bahamayellow Well-Known Member

    Ooh Frankenstein. Let us know what u come up with. And pics when u can.

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