Here are some stories of the families AK has adopted for the holidays

Discussion in 'AK Charities & Christmas' started by Ms Grumpy, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Ms Grumpy

    Ms Grumpy Administrator Admin Subscriber

    Jessica's family:

    Currently we are staying with a family member and just found a new home for my daughter and myself. We are scheduled to move mid November and we're starting all over with no furniture of appliances (besides a fridge and a stove). All of the little savings I have will be used for the move in cost and trying to make the house into our home. My income is limited and will be used for bills and minort necessities. But I would love for Jaina, my daughter, to wake up to at least a few gifts.

    Kenya's story:

    I'm a 33 year old mother of two boys, 10 and 4. I am currently unemployed due to health issues. It is very difficult to do things for my children when I get paid once a month and am living in Section 8 housing. My kids would love to be adopted my a beautiful family.llllll
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  2. Ms Grumpy

    Ms Grumpy Administrator Admin Subscriber

    Chantell's Family:

    I would love for my family to be adopted because at the beginning of this year I lost everything. I lost my job, my home and my car and had to move back home with my mom. I broke my ankle and had to undergo surgery and couldn't work for 4 months with no income. I have a 3 year old son who I need help with now because I am working and trying to find a house to move into and to get us a car. I just want a better year. If we could be adopted that would be the blessing that we need. Thank you so much.

    Caronika's Family:

    Due to a situation my and my children had to move in with a good family friend. I am working to get back onto my feet and get a better job. I want my children to have a home of their own. I can't really afford to give my children anything this year, so I was told to ask and see if my kids will have a christmas this year. Thank you.
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  3. Ms Grumpy

    Ms Grumpy Administrator Admin Subscriber

    Nellie's Family:

    I want to give my kids a better holiday and I just need some help to give them some things they need. My kids get good grades in school and I want to show them that I really appreciate them working hard and staying focused. I want them to know that if you work hard that things will pay off in the end.
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  4. Ms Grumpy

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    Monique's Family:

    My kids and I have had a really rough year and I would just love to end the year with a great Christmas for them. I feel like as soon as I find myself getting a little ahead that there are 3-5 roadblocks thrown in my way. I try hard to stay positive and I never quite know how to ask for help. I am not quitting I am just asking for help for my children.
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  5. Djcoolray

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    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!
    That’s wonderful....

    Charity, the gift of Christmas !
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  6. Grumpy

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    I would also like to point out that VOA's adopt a family program will run through December 29th, so we will continue running auctions, and accepting donations till than.

    Please be on the look out for some very cool stuff I'm listing for charity very soon !!!

    A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped so far. Happy Holidays all.



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