HF-14 Mods and restore stories?

Discussion in 'Eico Place' started by Oerets, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Oerets

    Oerets AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Derby City U.S.A.
    Picked up a pair of these mono EL84 amplifiers over the weekend and thinking of going through them this winter.

    One has a few new caps and sorta works. Pops once in awhile. Tube socket or power switch is gonna be the first places I go to after checking an others work.
    The other is bone stock and volume is very low.

    Looking for others who have or had them and if they did any upgrading of mods.

    Thanks in advance.



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  2. mcgjohn

    mcgjohn Active Member

    Chicago area
    I picked up a single HF-14, a few weeks ago, but its sitting in the queue waiting for bench time.
    first steps I would suggest taking is replacing the bias cap and the multisection filter cap.

    Also have a pair of HF-30s which uses a quartet of EL84s in place of a pair for about 26-30 watts per channel. These amps showed a major improvement with coupling cap upgrades.

    If the HF-14 is like the HF-30, you may want to consider reducing the GNFB. Be sure to run the calculation so you know where the knee in the freq is in stock form. But with the GNFB reduced, you will get a much large image and sound field.


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