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Hi Gang, any thoughts on using 127H for 127A's, in a pair of L40's....?

Discussion in 'The Lansing Legacy' started by Darren James, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Darren James

    Darren James Active Member

    I'm getting tired of looking at my poor babies waiting for parts.......


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  2. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown Super Member

    Northern California
    You should look for a pair of 125A woofers. The only difference between the 127A and 125A is that the dust cap is glued on inverted on the 125A, so obviously a pretty safe substitute. The 127H should work, though there are some differences. Make sure to avoid the 127H-1, which is considerably different, even though the name is similar.
  3. Darren James

    Darren James Active Member

    And I sold a pair of decade 36's because I spent a year looking for a pair of those worth reconing or refoam..
    .... Not much on either A's..... Oh hum!

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