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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Bigerik, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Alobar

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    Well following your recommendation I downloaded the Quiet Winter Night from HDTRACKS in 24/96 flac and wow! Great recordings with some of the best clarity I have . .These will be enjoyed for a long while!


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  2. adri2000

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    Beyonce - Lemonade 24/96 (MQA) one of the best recent releases
  3. Wildcat

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    During the last Acoustic Sounds sale, I picked up two Henry Mancini SACDs (Analogue Productions) at half price: The Music from Peter Gunn and Hatari!. I have the Gunn on 45 RPM vinyl, but since I've collected Mancini for years, I had to get both of these. (The Pink Panther film soundtrack was not on sale yet, but I have the excellent 45 RPM vinyl.)

    So, the sound? Both of these are the best digital versions out there, and especially with the Peter Gunn album, I have heard many. This was Mancini's first recording for RCA in 1959--the label had approached Short Rogers to perform these tracks, but he insisted that Mancini record it himself. Normally a jazz record was considered a good seller if it moved about 50,000 copies; Peter Gunn sold over a million! Copies were selling so fast for a while that RCA could not keep up with production, and some of the LPs had to be shipped in generic RCA jackets. It won two Grammy awards, one of them being Album of the Year, the first time the award was given. The sound on the LPs differed somewhat--the mono LP did not have the reverb that was present on the stereo version, which is now the only version available. The nice thing here is that there is not much of the hard left/hard right panning of early stereo.

    The SACD does have a nice smoothness to the sound, but I still feel the 45 RPM vinyl edges it out in terms of it sounding natural. (Strangely, I find that I prefer listening to my 24/96 needle drop over the SACD.) The vinyl just seems to sound more present and alive. If you're running a full digital rig, though, the SACD is the version to own.

    I have no CD/vinyl comparison with Hatari! yet (the 45 RPM is being released later this month), but of the three, it is the one that Chad Kassem seems the most enthused about. (He told us at AXPONA this year, "The son-of-a-bitch sounds fantastic." :D He had cut it at 33-1/3 RPM originally, but mentioned they were recutting it at 45 RPM.) This is a soundtrack for a film starring John Wayne, set in Africa, so some of the music features a lot of African percussion. The nearly seven minute track "Sounds of Hatari" is practically demo material, starting off with sparse percussion and building up to a large climax. Another good one to add to your collection, if you are into this sort of thing.
  4. FauxHall

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    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Just got "Anita Sings the Most" at 192/24 from HDTracks and the SQ is tops.

    Anita O'Day is a lively singer with a sexy voice. This is her most popular album I understand.

    Playback via Sony HAP-Z1-ES / TA-A1ES and Spendor A6r speakers.

    Loving it!
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  5. nedseg

    nedseg AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just DL'd the latest 2L Hoff Ensemble release - Polarity. Also Very Nice.
    One of the tracks has a very deep organ note, 30-40hz, that I didn't even know was there on the LSR305s, until I played it on the big system:)

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