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    About a month ago I noticed a dearth of new threads asking about this, that, and other things that had gone thru the wringer already and had been relegated to the "back of the pack" as it were, both historically and technically. I spent about 12 hours on finding threads that were historically, and technically pertinent to the repeating issues/threads/posts at hand and put them into 2 lists. I ran them thru 3 other "Senior" members of the forum, then sent them to the Mods for possible inclusion into the STICKIES SUBFORUM that ADMIN (Thanks to Tinkerbelle & Luvinvinyl) had started for us at my request. This stickies forum would allow us to add more links as they came up, and were Historically or Technically pertinent and would get lost in the shuffle.

    So I made the list and Tinkerbelle ran it up to Luvinvinyl. It was approved, and Tinkerbelle was granted "permissions" to oversee it for us, without having to go to ADMIN for clearance. The original stickies are on the main page with 2 additional LINK threads......"REFERENCE TECHNICAL THREADS" and "IMPORTANT FISHER HISTORY THREADS".

    So if you have a question about a piece of gear, or about FISHER's HISTORY, You'll More than likely find it in the STICKIES SUBFORUM.

    Please don't post any further in these threads, as your post won't be seen on a regular basis. PLEASE DO start a thread in the regular forum and LINK to a particular thread in the stickies if you have questions.


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