Hitachi KST-3400H Right Speaker Level Pegged Issue

Discussion in 'Tape' started by Kyle Wagner, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Kyle Wagner

    Kyle Wagner New Member

    I recently bought a Hitachi KST-3400H AM/FM Radio and Tape Deck with the original two speakers. The Radio works well; clarity is fair as far as I can tell. When I play a cassette however, the right speaker makes a loud buzzing/humming sound and the level meter is pegged (maxed) for the right speaker. There is also a kind of rapid clicking sound that seems to be coming from the level meter. The audio is relatively clear through the left speaker. Adjusting the balance to the left speaker makes the noise in the right speaker go away. Do you have any thoughts on why this is happening?


    Hitachi_tape_deck_2.jpg Hitachi_tape_deck_1.jpg


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