HK 430 verses??

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by geph0007, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. geph0007

    geph0007 AK Member Subscriber

    I will issue a more detailed report on a group receiver shootout later but right now I am comparing a HK 430, HK A402, HK PM665, HK PM 660, NAD 7020 and Yammaha CR 1040.

    System consists of Polk SDA 2Bs with SL 2000 or RDO 194s, Polk Monior 10s, Marantz DV 7001 SACD player, Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable and Copper Oval in ICs and VH Audio Flavor 4 Power cords.

    I swear despite some rough edges the 430 is the best sounding of the bunch. Reminds me of the NAD7020 (3020) but not as dark or fat in the bass. Also reminds me a of an Exposure 2010s and I suppose it might have some things in common with a Naim Nait even though i have never heard one of those.

    Is this thing really that good??? KG


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  2. ryuuoh

    ryuuoh FFXIV Summoner Subscriber

    Marina CA, USA
    Throw a Technics in the mix:
    The SU-8080. Mine is repaired/recapped and sound quite good.
  3. GuyNoir

    GuyNoir Confiderbunked Subscriber

    Bismarck, ND
    Yes it is. The board is full of anecdotes about users who prefer their 330/430/630/730/930 receivers over all comers. I would still have my 730, but scored a NAD 2600 for practically nothing. I think it has the detail of the 730, with the additional horsepower needed to drive my JBLs to the volume levels I like. Yet I still want to try a 730 or 930 with Klipschorns before I keel over.
  4. michaelhigh

    michaelhigh mind's eye music

    Lenzburg, IL
    I just got my 430 back from my tech, and it screams "Play me!" as I swap out receivers, speakers and TT's. It responded so nicely to recap and alignment that I'm going to send in a couple more receivers to see if dude can do magic on them too. I'm serious, I just watched Concert For George and I was moved to tears it sounded so good, and the performances were stellar, as was the lineup!

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