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hk715 Harman Kardon tuner - Any good?

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by z-adamson, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. z-adamson

    z-adamson Super Member

    A digital tuner I picked a while back and replaced all the caps.

    Is this a good performing tuner relative to tuners found in receivers?

    Is this a good tuner relative to competing stand-alone tuners?


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  2. N8Nagel

    N8Nagel AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sterling, VA
    I have one, it is one of two component tuners that I have, the other being a Dynaco FM-5 with some issues so not a fair comparison. It does sound good but is lacking some modern features, while still appearing modern so not having that vintage charm. I have the whole matching stack though, so putting anything else in there would offend my sensibilities. I think I prefer the tuner in my Luxman TP-117 but I'd have to do a serious back to back to be sure. I guess I could hook it up to one of the unused inputs in the TP-117, level match, and flip back and forth on a weakish station to see.
  3. z-adamson

    z-adamson Super Member

    I would be very curious as to the results of this comparison.

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