Hooking up Computer to Reciever

Discussion in 'PCs & Music Servers' started by tommy499, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. tommy499

    tommy499 New Member

    Probably a stupid question........I have a pentium 4 style computer running Windows XP. I would like to play songs off the hard drive as well as use the cd drive to play cd's. How will it sound?? Thanks for your help.


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  2. Pioneer727

    Pioneer727 SEMPER FI

    Lake George, NY
    Just hook up from your AUX Out of the sound card to AUX on the Receiver you will need a Mini to RCA cable for the connection
  3. Lefty

    Lefty Super Member

    Hercules, Calif.
    Hi Tom;

    Well results could vary from great to poor depending on several things. First the connection would be from your sound card line output jack to the AUX input of your receiver. You will probably need to buy some kind of stereo male miniplug to RCA jacks cable adapter. Radio shack should be able to take care of that.

    You will have to set the windows master volume control such that the sound level is somewhat equal to say your FM or other inputs to your receiver. You don't want to have to keep remembering that the computer is much louder or softer then your other normal receiver inputs.

    The main problem you might come across is large amount of AC hum from the computer. Older vintage hi-fi gear is genally run ungrounded and most computers are grounded (somewhat) throught the AC power plug. You can only try and see if you pick up hum or not. If you do then trying to eleminate the 'ground loop" will be your next thrilling step. Line level transformer coupling would be the easiest but can be somewhat hard to find and expensive.

    Nothing much lost in trying. I had no problems with hooking up my last computer (a laptop) to my vintage system, but still haven't gotten around to hooking it up to my replacement computer I got last Feb.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out for ya.

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  4. Jamison

    Jamison Active Member

    Toledo Ohio
  5. CarverPower

    CarverPower SDA SRS 2

    Miami, FL
    :jawdrop: AAA.....A....Awsome!!
    I myself I went with the Rat Shack way

    Miniplug to RCA Inputs and bought a long 25' Cable to run to the Reciever.

    Do get some humm, but not that noticable!!

    Will update soon as Im in the process of changing machines!!

    Going from Pentium 1 to Pentium 4
    From Megaherts to a whopping 2.5GHz
    From Win 98 to Win XP Pro
    From 45MB of RAM to 1GB RAM

    I do have a Laptop, PIII XP Pro which is very UP to DATE since I use it at the university but the desktop has been lagging alot and its entering its 8th year of service, its time for a change!! ;)
  6. THOR

    THOR Fearless Prophet

    There are a few different ways to do it, they even have ways to send songs to your stereo wireless. Best and easiest especially if your PC is close to your stereo is if your sound card/PC has either digital out thru coax or toslink and your reciver/amp has digital in in either form, by going digital you avoid the hum lefty was saying can occur.


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  7. dan_clear

    dan_clear New Member

    I use an RCA Lyra Wireless but it is connected to my system in my game room. I think I paid $85 for it shipped. It has been worth it. It works great for parties etc. especially when coupled with MusicMatch Jukebox. For a review of this product go here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,1131642,00.asp
  8. dshoaf

    dshoaf That high voltage buzz Subscriber

    RIP 1954-2018
    Doing it a bit different....

    I am using the M-Audio Audiophile USB-based outboard DAC to pipe both internet-based audio streams, most notably KPLU in Seattle (jazz). This also allows me to use the CD player in the PC as my transport, which pipes its signal entirely in the digital domain out to the M-Audio.

    Originally purchased to transfer old LPs into MP3 files but I haven't bother with this part mainly because I'm quite happy with the stuff I'm getting off the internet these days.

    This is *excellent* sounding and I highly recommend it. You'll find the M-Audio Audiophile devices for less than $200 on eBay and at your local musical instrument store. There are lots of providers of this sort of outboard USB DACs, BTW.


  9. Nitro

    Nitro Active Member

    MW Florida
    I have two Wal Mart RCA to 1/8" cords (Line in & Line out at the PC) and the PC goes to a tape monitor circuit. No hum at all (same circuit in the wall?). I not only use the receiver as an input to record LPs, I use the receiver as my PC sound system. It's a Pioneer SX-6 with some Pioneer CS-99As, and DLK 1/2 speakers.
  10. shrinkboy

    shrinkboy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    tell me again how to eliminate the AC hum?
  11. Negotiableterms

    Negotiableterms Administrator Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    It's a matter of experimentation. You could start by connecting the chassis of the computer to the chassis ground of the receiver. If that doesn't work, it become much more of a crap shoot.


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  12. Acoustic

    Acoustic This Amp Is HOT!!

    I just picked up an RCA Lyra Wireless RD900W today on clearance at Target for $24.98. That was 1/2 the original Target price...there was only two left...and the going rate on the net.. sans the shipping charges. Even though I had heard of this item before... I was a little leery and was thinking along the lines of the that if I felt it was junk it was going to be returned for a refund. But it will not be going back. I will have to admit that the audio quality is just fine :thmbsp: ... well for 160 br streaming which is what I plan to use it for the most, that is.

    I don't use Musicmatch so I did not install that software. I get 'free' (included with my Comcast bill, that is) the $7 (I think) level of Rhapsody. Which I get 25 free plays.. which I don't even use all of them many months.. but I do use the customizable radio stations. Which is how I plan to use the Lyra for starters.

    I give the unit an 9 out of 10 (a mid-fi rating)... at $25. Heck there is even a universal remote that comes with it. Here is a link to C/Net for more info...

  13. Just JP

    Just JP Member

    Northern NJ
    I have been on the lookout for one of these RCA Lyra's for a while now. I spotted a good deal here .

    I recieved it today and everything works as advertised. This deal not only includes the transmitter and receiver but it also has an extra receiver. For just a little over $20 delivered, I think this is a good deal. The universal remote that works with my TV is an added bonus.

    Just stay away from the Musicmatch software and you will be OK. :no:

    Last edited: Aug 25, 2006
  14. AudioAddict

    AudioAddict Active Member

    Actually my system sounds freaking great hooked up like that, I ran 1/8 inch mini stereo plug(from the line out of my SB Live Card to two rca cable jacks into my marantz 2226B AUX in which powers two KLH 8'" three ways , I run pre out of the Marantz to an older Yammy and power my JBL subs with that (keeping the bass control up and the treble control down)
    I can barely stay in the room with this setup on eight oclock position.. I use The graphic eq on media player to "fine tune the system" Just my 2 cents..
    Best of luck to you...... Audio Addict
  15. Artie

    Artie AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Jax, Fl
    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this, (sorry if I missed it), that a normal sound card has line-in/line-out. Just connect it to your reciever/amp "monitor" jacks as if it was a tape recorder. Since a computer will do both playing and recording, it just seems like a natural to me. Now I just use the "Tape Monitor" switch on my amp in conjunction with the computer as if it was a hard drive recorder. Works great. Controls are intuitive.
  16. bill irvin

    bill irvin Well-Known Member

    cortland ohio
    i currently have music match software connected to my copmpurter and I use it with the lyra rd900w it works well ,but is their a why to use it with other sources withouy uninstalling musici match so I can use it with other internet radio stations and possible with cable station from my tv it also has a usb port on it. Any help or directions to a froum where I might find some answers about this would be apperciated.


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  17. sirlonghair

    sirlonghair New Member

    Crown Poiint, Indiana
    Has anyone dabbled with the new winamp remote feature in the latest version of winamp. It's still in beta, but allows you to access your music and stream it from any browser and stream to say a friends pc from their house etc. Seems like it has alot of potential, just not sure how comfortable I am using it and alowing access to my files.

  18. Tinitus

    Tinitus Active Member

    To Bill,

    I have a Lyra unit and use it for more than MusicMatch. Just turn it on, select USB device in your audio properties box, then any audio coming out of the computer goes to the Lyra. Try a Shoutcast radio channel in the 196-320 kbs range piped to your main system. It can sound quite good.

  19. corkumg

    corkumg New Member

    hooking up my soundblaster to my yamaha

    I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS and I have it hooked up to my Yamaha RX-V450. I have a small "headphone" jack going from my digital out on the back of my computer....... then it goes into the digital input on the back of my yamaha reciever... My beef is why doesnt the controls on my computer work the speakers. example: the subwoofer volume or surround speaker volumes. I cant figure this one out... I dont need a "special" coax wire to run from the audigy to my reciever do I????? Please help!

  20. Nitro

    Nitro Active Member

    MW Florida
    If you have a Line Out, use it instead and go to an analog input and you should be able to control the volume with the PC. Digital outputs may not be controlled by the volume setting of the PC.

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