Houston Flood Damage Lost 1200 to 1400 Vinyl Records And Some Stereo Equipment

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by DJboutit, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. toxcrusadr

    toxcrusadr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Missouri
    Some of that gear may dry out just fine. Maybe pull the speaker drivers that didn't get wet, someone else may need them as spares.

    I'm sure you have a lot on your plate right now though. Just kibitzing.

    Hope everything recovers rapidly down there but I fear it won't be so rapid.
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  2. datafone

    datafone Super Member

    Bris', Australia
    Wow! that sux. I feel the pain!

    Better that you are OK, stuff can be replaced but people can't be. Hope all in this disaster do as well as posible.
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  3. stish

    stish AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Huntsville AL
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope the return to normal goes as smoothly as possible.
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  4. Old Guy8

    Old Guy8 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Rockford, Illinois
    Best to you and your family. And speedily get back to normal.
  5. Audiotfoot

    Audiotfoot AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lewistown, Montana, USA
    Condolences on your loss. You don't mention damage to your home, hope it isn't severe. But even it is, at least you and your family are safe. It's easy for me to say this as we are in no danger of flood, but keep your eyes on the silver lining.
  6. catch 22

    catch 22 "I'm Listening"

    Sorry to hear you got flooded, it was getting serious here Saturday evening/Sunday morning (I'm 60-70 miles NE of Houston) but only ended up with a couple gallons inside. PM me after you're settled back in, I can hook you up with some replacement equipment I have quite a few receivers not being used
    Marantz 2240, Sansui 5500, Sansui 890, Technics SA-700, Harman Kardon 75+, Kenwood KA-7100, KA-5000, KA-6006 and probably 6 sets of speakers (NO extra TT's, cassette decks, or 8 tracks). I need to "thin the herd" but I'd rather give some stuff to someone who needs it than sell it to someone who will probably try to flip it for a buck.


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  7. Marine0811

    Marine0811 I love it loud! Subscriber

    Sorry for your loss. I hope you find your family and friends are safe
  8. NAD80

    NAD80 Super Member

    Carlisle PA
    Really sorry for your losses. Glad the family is ok. That what counts, family
  9. DJboutit

    DJboutit Active Member

    Houston TX
    Thx I will take you up on your offer I just need a one decent receiver that does 40w a channel and a decent pair of speakers in a few months. Thx all all the kind words from everyone else.
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  10. Natasha Bell

    Natasha Bell Well-Known Member

    Vicksburg, MS
    Ohh no :( I'm sorry!!
  11. Schurkey

    Schurkey Well-Known Member

    I had 5 feet of water in my basement twenty years ago.

    The actual vinyl will be fine. CDs will probably be fine, at least for awhile. You may discover they become subject to "CD Rot" where the silver (aluminum) perforates in the next couple of years. The vinyl and the CDs are both worth trying to save. For all I know, my CDs would have had perforations even without the flood.

    No experience with flooded cassettes.


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  12. the_nines

    the_nines AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I hope all your loved ones are safe and sound and I hope the road to normality is as short and smooth as possible.

    I see the images on TV every night, it's so sad. But, I also see the will of the people, to help and be there for anyone and everyone in need. It's quite emotional, puts things into perspective.

    I hope you are able to recover as much as possible. In the end, it's only plastic and wood. You still have something you can never replace. Your life!

    Look out after yourself, your family and your neighbours.

    Life is precious, all else is secondary.

    Keep safe, be well!
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  13. savatage1973

    savatage1973 Addicted Member

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    Sorry for your losses, but the good thing is that you are here (alive and well). Stuff is just stuff--loved ones can't be replaced. Although not a religious person myself, my grandmother used to always tell me that God will only burden you with as much as you can handle--and I tend to believe her. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and try to make the best of the holiday weekend!!!
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  14. johnda

    johnda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Southold, NY
    I am very sorry your home got hit. Thank God you and your family are OK. This too shall pass!
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  15. SpruceMoose

    SpruceMoose Super Member

    I actually heard someone on tv say that Houston hardly ever floods! What an idjut! I lived there for five years. It floods at the drop of a ten gallon hat! The streets are the designated runoff areas. The bayous are made to fill up and overflow into the streets. Hardly any green space left to soak up the rain. And that was back in the '70's!
  16. Northwinds

    Northwinds Huh? Turn what down? Subscriber

    Sorry for your loss Brother, some of the gear may be salvaged but I am thankful all you lost is material and not family members. Material things can be replaced, hope your home is completely covered with insurance so you can get back on with your life!


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  17. just dave

    just dave vintage rules!

    Oak Forest ILL.
    Wow that really sucks! Hope you can salvage some of it.Good luck to ya man.
  18. jetstream

    jetstream Active Member

    If possible try to not stack the jackets so they can dry without sticking together which would lessen the damage. Also remove the vinyl out of the jackets, if possible. This way only stains could be left, much better than mold.
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  19. onwardjames

    onwardjames Hoardimus Maximus Subscriber

    Some fine advice here, so I'll just state the obvious, most salient points.

    1) You're alive. That's paramount, and glad to hear it.
    2) Getting the records out of the sleeves, and a quick dip in a soapy tub of water, and a wipe, throw in a mo-fi sleeve, let the jackets dry as best as possble, the music will remain.
    3) CD rot will probably set in. I'd also dunk in a tub of warm, Dawn-infused water, wipe, and then, when possible, rip as a flac file onto a computer before that rot sets in.
    4) Along with Catch 22, I'm sure many of us would be willing to help get you back on your "audio" feet. Perhaps when all is settled, post a thread about some things you'd like to have replaced, I'm sure many of us would donate our spares to get you going again.

    Be strong, and realize that this too shall pass. Best of luck.
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  20. Johnny 007

    Johnny 007 Active Member

    Sorry you lost your stuff. But fortunately, we can always get more.

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