How did you first fall in love with Fisher and what was your first model?

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by Rob Thomas, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. audiodon

    audiodon AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Arlington, MA
    I discovered Fisher from a 2005 Stereophile article.
    I then bought a restored 400. Then an unrestored one and dug in.
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  2. RS Steve

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    Jupiter, Florida
    You know, it's pretty amazing how some people only equate the Fisher brand with their later studio standard solid state stuff, and have no clue about how well built the early tube equipment was. I run into this quite often, and feel obligated to educate them with a tour. :)
  3. Rob Thomas

    Rob Thomas AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Boone, NC

    I saw that on a group online recently. They were making derogatory claims that Fisher was only a house brand for Sears and was the "cheap" alternative to HiFi. He wasn't alone. Boy several of us really chimed-in and gave him an education. It's amazing that some people are only familiar with the Sanyo years. I thought everyone into audio gear at least knew of Fisher 500.
  4. RS Steve

    RS Steve Tube Junkie Subscriber

    Jupiter, Florida
    There are many that don't think ancient tube equipment can even compete with good solid state stuff, it's quite fun to prove them wrong. But that subject is for a different thread. :thumbsup:
  5. kevco

    kevco Member

    My parents always had music playing when I was a kid. My father was a die hard Pioneer receiver guy (we're talking 70's here). At some point after my parents divorce my new step father came home with a brand new Fisher boom box, a huge one, silver with detachable speakers and a phono stage. He said that Fisher was the "best" and I guess as far as boom boxes go, this thing was pretty good. It ran on at least 8 D batteries, maybe more, so it never left home. I ended up with it eventually around junior high and found a JVC turntable to mate with it and it became my teenage bedroom stereo with the detachable speakers spread as far apart as their captive wires would allow and the bunny ear antennas aimed at far away Philadelphia trying to catch the weak college radio signals at night.

    Eventually I was bussed to a new school, 45 minutes each way on a full sized school bus on an outlying suburban route. Every kid who lived more than 5 miles from school was on that bus. It was a long boring ride twice a day and for entertainment my boom box became my travelling entertainment center. 8 rechargeable nickel cadmium D cells being charged daily at home and that 40 lb Fisher box left on a shelf in my home room while I was in class. I DJ'D Boston, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin to the rest of the bus daily with that huge thing.

    This is getting long but that Fisher bird was my escape from boredom and my musical education. Eventually I found a Marantz 2275 receiver and very quickly realized that it sounded far better than the consumer grade black boxes I'd been using at home as an adult. This lead me to tube gear and inevitably back to that Fisher bird. I guess that my step father had some experience with real Fisher gear during his youth to have named it "the best". From that boom box I took a walk backwards through time to the real Fishers and here I stay.

    My first model was a later model 400 receiver but my SA-16 was the real game changer. That thing just does everything right. I'm surprised it doesn't get more love. Just a basic recap and it's a keeper.
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  6. DolphnSmooth

    DolphnSmooth AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've always heard good things about Fisher here on the forum, and have never had the chance to listen to any equipment of vintage other than my own. I've plenty of nice SS amp, yet hadn't had anything tube. I'd always figured that to have a tube amp would be a pipe dream simply because of how expensive the stuff was, and how limited my funds were.

    Fortunately, I picked up an original Fisher 800-B for $200 at the end of June, and I'm very eager to get it serviced and finally flick the switch on. I've never heard anything tube, and have high hopes for the 800-B. It's certainly a very beautiful piece, and would love for it to compete well with my other three SS amps.

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  7. Tim D

    Tim D Well-Known Member

    Melbourne, FL
    I started with a pair of trashed XP7B's about 18 months ago. I've been working on them ever since. I've got them working good electrically and sonically, but the cabinets and grills still need a complete restore.

    Since that time, I've added an almost minty pair of XP7B's from the original owner and a pair of rough KS-2's (kit speakers from Fisher). I've also picked up some rough components including KX-100 which needed complete refurb, KM-60 and a 500-B.

    I've got the KX-100 up and running now and it's about 80% done. I need to paint the trannies and get a cabinet and go over the electricals one last time.

    I'm working on the KS-2's right now. I've had to break down the cabinet to restore the cabinetry.

    The KM-60 and 500-B are in the queue.
  8. biscuithead

    biscuithead Me likes the eargasm retroplasm... Subscriber

    Northern Colorado
    Before my vintage enlightenment, I always thought Fisher was junk. I was born in '76 and the Fishers I was exposed to were junk. Then I was working with an old-timer and he told me he had a Fisher 500... I told him " if its a Fisher, its junk". He properly scolded me and gave me the office. I started researching and soon after a Coronet came up for sale locally.
    Four Fisher consoles and six separates later... I've changed my position on this old junk...
  9. eduarsan1

    eduarsan1 Luis Eduardo Sanchez Subscriber

    Bogotá, Colombia
    I was born in 1980, I am also an electronic engineer with a specialization in power electronics and it can be said that I am a person from the solid state era; However I started in this lost love when I was 16 years old and in my country Colombia many times the artifacts are not thrown, they are fixed and in the church there was a scott amplifier 299A which was repaired for the Sunday school, sadly thieves stole it.

    A year later I went to the army and after finishing my service I got a Fisher X-100-A which was my first Fisher and it has been almost 20 years to restore these beautiful machines that have an incomparable sound, so it was love at the first sight.

    My daily use amplifier is a 400 that has been operating for more than three years without problems after being restored. another 5 amps are in the wait list.

    Greetings to Fisher lovers !!!
  10. Masonavenut

    Masonavenut New Member

    Winnetka, Ca.
    Figured I may as well throw in even though I'm am a recent convert.
    I first saw and heard Fishers in high school at my friend (get this) Richie Fishers' house.
    I really knew nothing about them but Richies dads system was impressive and unobtainable.
    I have recently been reminded of how fantastic these old systems sound when I happened to walk into a friends office and his Mac system was playing.
    I immediately recognized the sound and started to remember the old days and the systems I couldn't afford then. For me Marantz and Fisher.
    So I've been on a tear lately to procure these systems and listen to music again like I used to in high school. I have two Fishers now, a 400 that I just got back from the shop and an 800c that almost just fell in my lap and is unrestored as of now.
    I have to say it has given me a heck of a lot of pleasure. My wife is even loving it and it's replacing stupid tv time in the evenings.
    So between working on my cars and listening to music I think I've regressed back to high school. Awesome.
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  11. nasadowsk

    nasadowsk Biker

    West Milford NJ
    Friend of my mom gave me an old X-202 in good shape, many may years ago ("nobody wants this old tube stuff").

    Few years later, picked up an SA-100 from a family friend, along with a 100T and other stuff. Gave the 100T to a coworker (needed a pretuner), kept the SA-100 and X-202. They're on the shelf cause I have a pair of MKIIIs now, but both are still perfectly serviceable, even if they eat 7189s...
  12. larryderouin

    larryderouin Do I get Food, Med's, or more gear this Month? Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    nasadowsk; Read Dave's thread on the SA-100 clone he built and how you could bring it up to spec and beyond, while not having it eat 7189's all the time.
    This one is in the Stickies under Technical threads.

    Also in the TECHNICAL thread sticky there are numerous threads on the X-202.

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