How old where you when you got your first McIntosh?

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by sc1801, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. excabincrew

    excabincrew Member

    43 last yr, pheew I am old and only able to set up a mono since this brand name is pricey.


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  2. BernardoK

    BernardoK New Member

    West Linn, Oregon
    Well, I’m 68, and just walked (barely, with all that weight!!) in the door with an MC 2105 amp, and this is my very first piece of McIntosh ever! I am awaiting an MX-113 preamp/tuner that I purchased 2 days ago, but is still in transit. I am so excited and can’t wait to hook up my newly upgraded system! Really looking forward to listening to my new system, took a long, long time to join the club, but that makes it all the sweeter!
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  3. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Well-Known Member

    Clinton, MS
    I was 39. I heard Mcintosh and like the sound but just had never bought one. Started with the MC252 and kept upgrading till MC501s. Saving for the MC611 which should take me into retirement.
  4. jimmeq

    jimmeq New Member

    Thanks! The service manual is a bit above my ability as I have a only rudimentary understanding of electronics and reading schematics. I am looking for more of a "how to". Like: remove two screws on both left/right sides near front bezel. Remove two screws on top/bottom....

    It was much easier than I thought it would be. I replaced all bubs except the wheat bulbs and it looks fantastic! I'm putting together a simple how-to and will post it for future noobs.
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  5. hugo454

    hugo454 Gold Member Subscriber

    south florida
  6. ehoove

    ehoove Old & New - Carpe Diem Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    I was 24 when I bought my MC2100 to drive a pair of Janszen Z-824's (1974)
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  7. srm51555

    srm51555 Active Member

    19, I had some leftover student loan money and knew exactly what to do with it, bought a 2100.
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  8. blankhi

    blankhi New Member

    I bought an MX 110 from a student house mate in Swarthmore PA for $100, and dragged it to Hawaii where the salt air trashed the components. Sat unused for years until I offered it to a young military EE who was smitten to restore it in trade for a nice little Yammy. I had already been gifted by the universe with a C30 and MC2150 at a yard sale for $20!!! (A kid had been left in charge of the sale and I drove around feeling guilty for an hour. I drove back and offered it back to his uncle, the owner. He said he didn't want to ship them and wasn't sure they were working. I could have them for the $20 if I promised to keep them. Not a hard promise to keep.) Just finally had them cleaned up locally for about $400 each and happily have them feeding a new pair of Dentons
    I forgot! I was 28 years old when I made the plunge.... in '83.
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  9. jimmeq

    jimmeq New Member

    Now...THAT is Audiokarma!

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