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How to stop AKG K702's creaking

Discussion in 'Headphones' started by Eastham, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Eastham

    Eastham More Class-A than ever!

    North West UK
    Do your AKG K702's creak? Does it drive you F@%$ING INSANE? Heres how to fix it!

    Bonus points if you do it in your favorite jammies like I did.

    DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility if you damage your headphones doing this so do so at your own risk!

    Step one: Jack up the rear of your vehicle and remove the driver cup from the head band.


    Step two: remove the four black screws this will allow you to pull the upper bracket off.


    Step three: pull out the pivot assembly thusly.


    Step four: disassemble the pivot assembly by gently prying the part that the head band attaches to sideways as shown in the picture below, be careful as not to break it, it should pop off with enough gentle persuasion, pushing downward on the tab helps.


    Once you have it all apart it's time to start adding lube, don't be shy now, the more the merrier, make sure to get all the pivot points nice and lubed, rub it on there real proper. Use silicone grease, my grease is all red 'n fancy...


    Lastly as you're reassembling make sure the driver slots into the bracket like this:


    Reassembly is the reversal of disassembly.

    Thanks for reading and I hope this helps some of my fellow AKG lovers.

    Stay weird.


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  2. danj

    danj modern primitive

    Somewhere in Oregon
    I'll have to give that a try.
    Eastham likes this.
  3. restorer-john

    restorer-john Addicted Member

    Excellent post!

    I must admit, the creaking on my 702s drives me nuts too. So much so, I use the AKG-601s instead most of the time or my old K-500s.

  4. Eastham

    Eastham More Class-A than ever!

    North West UK
    I love my K702's the sound signature is exactly how I like it, but the creaking had me looking for other headphones after a while, doing this pretty much eliminated the creaking, the only noises I hear now are from the headband. Currently trying to find the source of that to see what I may be able to come up with, but I think it's the elastic.

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