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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Billfort, May 27, 2015.

  1. RH67

    RH67 Well-Known Member

    My album tracks are out of order even though they were imported in order. Is there any way to get them in the correct order?

    I`m using a Mac Mini with a SD. How do i rip CD`s using HQP?

    Excuse my ignorance but i`m new to CA. Thanks.


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  2. slippers-on

    slippers-on Music...let it move you!

    Saint Charles Mo.
    This weekend I may down load it and give it another shot.
  3. Billfort

    Billfort Addicted Member

    Newmarket, ON, Canada
    Sorry to hear you have been struggling with setup, been away for a while.

    Glad to see you have made it through the F' this stage though! :)

    I'm not surprised by your thoughts after listening - it's pretty clear to me too when listening to these 2 apps back to back which sounds best. They certainly are different so it's great to be able to listen and make up your own mind - if you can endure long enough to give HQP a fair shot!
  4. slippers-on

    slippers-on Music...let it move you!

    Saint Charles Mo.
    Well, was going to give HQP another shot today....until the missus decided to drag me to Six Flags with the family:tears:
  5. pashka

    pashka New Member

    I do НОТ recommend it HQplayer . It's a nice playing deception. I listening to the whole day comparing the JRiver and the HQplayer.
    The first impression is good.Very good sounding player Pleasant and more detailed plays the HQPlayer.
    Two different sounds comparing with the JRiver . . I'll be short. :)

    It was very difficult to catch the HQplayer on deceit.
    I listened for compare in the chair, and around in my room then did something and listened different style of music . and eventually caught on instrumental music what is bad in HDplayer . The bass guitar played facelessly, blurry, without accents, at the higher frequencies the program adds silkiness. On the JRiver, the instruments sound realistic, on HQplayer like low hi fi.
    Imagine if you close hole in the JBL 4212A and put a crossover on the woofer, breathing goes on, HQplayer removes realism and air on many records , plus colorise sound for pleasant listening .
    HQplayer is a regular chip player like (free player) with the addition of sonic and harmonics, so many owners app like it sound of HQR, because their stereo sounded better.
    Developers took and tinted the sound in the player from it and silkiness at high frequencies and a small natural rumble on the middle bass disappears, the bass guitar becomes monotonously tedious on instrumental music.
    If the stereo equipment is middle class then this player will be good. But if your equipment can play out the naturalness of the sound, then this program sucks, trash it. I do not recommend this HQ player .
    Jriver plays out naturally, sometimes boldly with accents, the presence of air, the naturalness of the sound of instruments and voice. a real presence, (of course everything depends on the recording) and what you got.
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