I´ve problems connecting Rega Dac to Macbook 2008...

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Philsons, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Philsons

    Philsons New Member

    I just bought a used Rega Brio-r and Rega Dac (not the -r version)
    I´m trying to connect the Dac to my Macbook from 2008 but the device is not showing up on the Sound/midi settings. I run El Capitain OS.

    I connected the Dac with miniToslink from Macbook 3.5mm output and Toslink into "optical in" on the Dac.

    Should it automaticaly show up when I connect through the optical output or should I use "USB digital input" on the Dac and USB from Macbook? I wanted hi-def audio therefore I used the Toslink cable.

    I´m not very good at this so I´m happy with all the help that you can give..


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  2. DrTebi

    DrTebi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    To make it show up in your Sound settings, you need to use the USB input on the Rega, connected to the USB output on your Mac. Toslink will not show up in Sound settings, as far as I know.

    Just try it out... it should "just work". USB to USB.

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