I am overwhelmed! And surprised!

Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by Nemo bit, May 12, 2018.

  1. Nemo bit

    Nemo bit Active Member

    West coast USA
    20180114_132513.jpg I posted a short description of picking a amplifier up and a bit about my history I suppose.....
    I guess in my mind I more than any thing else was writing a daily diary to myself as much as anything. It simply didn't occur to me that any one else would have any interest or take much notice in it.
    I am and always been a lover of quality sound at least what seems pleasing to my ear.
    Imagine my disbelief when I brought A. K. Up and discovered quite a few folks had indeed taken notice!
    I am not quite sure why, I feel a bit silly and hope I have not in some way set myself up.
    I may never have another day that will reach the glory I some how achieved and may never shine again.
    I love reading about members gear and music tastes and virtualy every time I open the page I have a inner sense of
    Arriving and sitting with friends and or family at dinner ..
    Talking over who did what and was it a good day or some subject that is far above my level of technical expertise.
    I may have nothing more to offer than I also have had a similar roadblock
    and all I can suggest somebody will have the answer.
    I have found that some person inevitably appears and step by step patiently gets you through what crises has befallen on you.
    Because somebody always does
    It never fails.
    Audio Karma!
    The name is deceptive!
    I have little skill to share where so many could draw a schematic for what ever equipment I have on a napkin in moments. I on the other hand love the chase.
    I am not nor will I ever be the person who is up with the sun (not an A.M. person) waiting in line at the thrift store. I also won't e in line for the latest new technology on a blackfriday sale.
    I am a by chance type of hunter
    or even an "you do still have it?"
    Ok I'm on my way.
    So this is a recollection of one such adventure.
    I was perusing a local online classified one day in the not to distant past when I saw a picture that could have been on the show "Hoarders"
    It had a price marked $1.00
    I at first look thought that If I had to deal with a nasty mess like that a can of gas and matches would be the safest for humanity and the general health of the planet.
    I am not sure why but I flipped the pages and came to one showing an attic type area with debris thrown from quite a distance it appeared.
    But to me it looked like there were possibly a component or two 2/3rds of the way down this unfinished dormer style room mixed in with filth of a magnitude hard to even imagine!
    I of course did what any self respecting person would more likely not do,
    I called the number.
    I soon discovered.
    yes he thinks there are a few pieces of gear in there and I can certainly come
    take a look.
    It seems he was the eldest son and his last parent had passed and his younger brother had been "taking care" of dad along with his "paranoia" electronic devices are suspect of course
    recreational drug use if injecting heroin and Glass some how likens to a beer after work.
    ( not the father the younger brother) so he recalled that their were a few panasonic bla bla pioneer. Ok I would appreciate if you at least hold onto the Pioneer until I can get there He assured me no problem it will be here as long as you can get here within 2 hours.
    I didnt give much thought to the fact no person in any control of there faculties would be rushing into a train wreck of a hazmat scene such as this.
    So I get there and he leads me on to a trail that leads some where This is a huge piece of overgrown real estate near the
    St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville Washington which is awesome!
    But its dark andat least a mile from the nearest neighbor.
    We come to a small outbuilding and on the floor of the wood shed is a tx-9100 and a ta-9100 they look to be all there in the dim light of my flashlight.
    this is a damp dank dark woodshed.
    I again asked how much?
    I almost left, But I couldn't leave them to endure another minute it was my duty!
    So with out so much as plugging them in I paid the $100.00 that he wanted..
    And took them home.
    I take them into the garage and set them on the bench sweep the fresh dirt off of them. I get my simple green and start with the exterior walnut case and face hmm? pretty sweet once the mold come off.
    The tuner had a cut cord so I concentrated on the amp. Its looking good. I open it up and wow! its mint its spotless inside.
    I went through and cleaned all pots with deox and fired it up.
    all lights, protection circut is all doing as it should unbelievable luck!
    The tuner is just as sold as the amp and once I attached a new power cord all is right with the 9100 stack.
    I realized it was a well featured set
    ( #4 favored all time Pioneer
    finest spec series being #7)
    I already had other components in that power range. Besides its about the hunt!
    I did not keep it and bartered for what would be my favorite speakers
    a set of OHM WALSH 2X0's
    and a nice Sansui 881 and a
    Early 70s JVC.
    I had contacted a gentleman about the Sansui and asked if he might consider any type of trade. He said no.
    I told him what I had and if he wished after he had researched the 9100 stack to get back to me.
    Took him 5 minutes.
    They found a good home and believe he will keep the pioneers for a lifetime.
    I was going for the sansui and really had no idea what the R2-D2 speakers I got were.
    I discovered they had a pleasing sound and they did grow on methe JVC it also went to a good home.
    Me same as always. Here are pictures. It is the rules ! If theres no pictures its not so.
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  2. mark warren

    mark warren Music Lover!

    southern USA
  3. eiraved

    eiraved Plane Whisperer Subscriber

    Antelope Valley, CA
    I’ve owned the 881 and the black faced version 9010. They both are excellent sounding receivers and were difficult for me to let go of. The Ohm 2XO speakers also sound great and still have factory support! I almost scored a pair last week at a garage sale, but they needed some work and the owner was asking too much for them.
    Very interesting story, thanks for sharing your adventure!
  4. Nemo bit

    Nemo bit Active Member

    West coast USA
    I have quite alot of time it seems and if some one is willing to listen even better. I found myself at a crossroad hust over a year ago with vision loss. My wife and myself have been over the road truckers hauling specialized commodities both over dimensional and hot or eyes only.
    I decided that I was probably needing something done ( blind drivers Being not a good idea) got off the truck. Long story short Drs agreed and one surgery white unknown number ahead) leads to present.
    I had started out selling one of my original recievers that I had bought new in 1976 it was a Kenwood Kr-8010 that had served above and beyond and was in near perfecr condition. I soon discovered that every where I looked there was a vintage piece of gear that some one had either decided was out dated or the owner had passed on or countless other reasons.
    I always have appreciated the gear that was produced during the golden years of late 60s thru the end of the 70s.
    I started finding treasures quickly and started with late 60s Sony and small Kenwood and realistic and so on. I than had a couple of lucky breaks and acquired a Harmon Larson 330 nocturnal and than a Kenwood KA-7100 next a Sansui 2000x a Marantz 2220 and it snowballed from there. I was not able to work but had I done nothing I am certain I would have required a padded room with a lock on the other side of the door. I am not a technician in any sense but have always had a gift of finding problems and sorting them out. All of the pieces above only needed a good cleaning and from and were up and performing like new. Along with receivers amps and tuners I also was collecting speakers turntables and related goodies.
    one returning home from being out on the road my wife took notice and asked if I didn't perhaps think I was losing it and how could one man possibly listen to all of this and did I not realize I only have 2 ears? I being a longtime survivor of married life acknowledged that yes I only have 2 and of course dear your absolutely right what was I thinking.
    My lovely Bride of 34 years had to leave a day and a half later to unsure I would remain sheltered from the storm so I of course was able to return to my all encompassing quest!
    I found offer up and started selling pieces of my bounty with suprising results. I by this time had people contacting me both to buy and also offer me items they had that either no longer were needed or wouldn't function.
    I continued to find better bigger and more desirable high end components. I finally had so much really nice units I decided that it was time to chose what I was going to hang onto for myself and liquidate to keep from my wife having me committed.
    I currently have a beautiful Kenwood KR-9600 that only just came off rotation what the Phase Linear came home.
    I just acquired a Marantz 2238B that the previous owner had stepped up? To Macintosh components. This is currently running my OHM 2xo's
    a Sansui g-9700 currently with my Tech being restored. Woo Hoi!
    Sansui 881 perfect! Is running a pair of Klipsch CF-2s it's a happy receiver sweet sound.
    Carver 900 that is acting as a pre amp for my Phase Linear model 400 running speaker lab super sevens
    A Pioneer sx-580 like new.
    Kenwood ka- 5400 I think that's model having a small bit done on power supply board.
    Kenwood KT-66 fully operational needs a few lamps
    Harmon Larson 730 twin power. Project.
    Several pairs of speakers really to many with out doing an inventory to list.
    here is a couple of my for sure will never let go...Polk SDA-2B's speaker Lab Das-4
    Klipsch KM- 6 Ohm2XO Klipsch CF-2
    My super sevens will always have a place also
    And turntables I have 6 top of the list 2 Dual 1229s Dual 502 daily use first new table I bought back in 1975. Pioneer PL-L800 really nice table other than direct drive. Dual 704 same direct drive and audio technica AT-LP-120 I bought it new cause I like the look
    I am more biased toward belt or Idler drive but all do the job well.
    I have all kinds of stories as to how much of this wound up in my possession and many were a lot of fun and also many were done by barter. I barter my serious repair work also and am lucky to have a artist whom knows all vintage gear as he had a hand in authoring many of the service Bulletins on many of the monsters of the time period.
    I have to nip this here as my wife just got into town and I must go pick her and her little dog ( Half Pint) up to come home for a day or so. The current avatar is my little dog LilBit.
    I soon will find out what opinion she has on my newest acquisitions might be!
    "I started out with nothing and still
    have most of it left " 2018-05-12 15.22.21.jpg
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  5. Nightwisher

    Nightwisher Farer In The Goldilocks Zone Subscriber

    South Carolina
  6. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada


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  7. Marine0811

    Marine0811 I love it loud! Subscriber

    Sweet gear!
  8. Rome

    Rome Holsum Honey Buns Subscriber

    Dallas, Texas
    Mighty fine!

  9. dswann01

    dswann01 Super Member

    central Alabama
    Good stuff!
  10. Djcoolray

    Djcoolray Addicted Member

    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!
  11. E-Stat

    E-Stat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    That would be Harmon-Kardon. Sold them in college paired with ADS speakers. Had a Citation 11 preamp from ‘74 to ‘76 myself.

    Ever heard of Thorens TD-125, Linn Sondek LP-12, Ariston RD-11s, or Technics SL-10 tables? SME3009, Transcriptors Vestigal, Grace 714, Infinity Black Widow tonearms?
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  12. Nemo bit

    Nemo bit Active Member

    West coast USA
    Sorry about my faux pas on the spelling! My eyes are my down fall and have forced me to an early retirement. I many times look for something thats directly in front of me only to not find it. Between my dimmed vision and my "smart phone" of which I do my posts from I have on occasion been horrified at some texts which have been delivered that were not what I had ment to send. I am at least relieved not to have posted one if those!
    If needed I will in the future not name something for fear of gobbledygook info being the end result and only will post pics...just a thought! Thanks for letting me live!
  13. E-Stat

    E-Stat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    No worries. Just clarifying.
  14. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Addicted Member

    You sure have been caught up in an audio vortex and came out a more learned person than when you went in. Good for you!

    For a person with limited eye sight, you have done remarkably well in conveying your gathering of gear and building a great knowledge base. Again, Kudos to you!:thumbsup:

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  15. AudioHertz

    AudioHertz Can You Hear That? Subscriber

    Awesome! I love hearing about hunting stories!
  16. Nemo bit

    Nemo bit Active Member

    West coast USA
    I agree. I am a lucky man. I have to look at it like that..." no pun intended" television is not satisfying but 2 channel music is. I started collecting when this was starting in its infancy and its just continued. I can say each new day is an adventure in itself. I am blessed to love the sounds of music. I like
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