I am quitter - 16 days and counting...

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by Danimal, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Markw

    Markw Super Member

    Northeast New Jersey
    Good on you!!!

    October, 1992. It only works when you really, really want to give it up for yourself. Trying to do it to please another is futile.

    I gave up over a dozen times but hypnosis had the best results. Of course, even tha ttook three tries.

    The first time, it worked for about 6 months the first time but I thought I could have just one. I was wrong.

    The second fail was when my pop died days after the session, but the third time worked like a charm.

    Just remember, you can not have just one.

    Good luck... :thmbsp:


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  2. 240sx4u

    240sx4u Lunatic Member

    Madison, WI
    Congratulations man! I quit about 6 years ago!
  3. Rome

    Rome Holsum Honey Buns Subscriber

    Dallas, Texas
    Stick with the plan!

  4. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    Oregon IL.
    I quit about 9 weeks ago when I had my back surgery. Having no choice made it easier I guess. I wanted to quit anyway. I still think about smoking everyday. I'm happy to be tobacco free however.

  5. loopy

    loopy Well-Known Member

    Central Mass
    I quit last May so am coming up on a year,you can do it
  6. RickB

    RickB On the Road to Find Out

    San Antonio, Texas
    Quit back in 1987 after smoking since about 1965 or 1966....

    Keep up the good work, but get yourself off the crutches....

    It does get easier the longer your body is without nicotine...but, that is the true test of whether you have really quit...any other form of nicotine delivery system is just a crutch...

    FWIW, two of my best friends that are the same age as me, that started back in high school, like me, and who did not quit smoking until at least a decade after I did, and then only when they had doctors make them quit, after they both required so very serious heart surgery, suffered the true cost of being smokers....thank God I dodged that bullet...so far, that is...


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  7. PickyEars81

    PickyEars81 Super Member

    I quit 7 years ago (I smoked from age 12-22). At my peak, I smoked almost two packs a day, but the last few years between 6-12 smokes a day. Be wary of the new habits you have to form - the psych addiction is the hardest part.

    I did it cold turkey. It was a miserable experience, but now I am sooooo glad I quit!

    Good Luck!
  8. Hang in there. You can do it!
  9. elcoholic

    elcoholic Jet Fuel Genius Subscriber

    Fountain Valley, CA
    5 years this May 21st for me. It can be done! It only took me 35 years.
  10. Danimal

    Danimal Just a man...

    SE Wisconsin
    Thanks for all the encouragement. I know this will be a long process but I am ready this time. I have changed all my previous habits to avoid some triggers. The real test will be when I start dropping down the dosage of the patch.

    And congrats to all of my fellow quitters!!
  11. John James

    John James "Bob's your uncle" (Stolen) Subscriber

    Piney Flats, Tn.
    Quit your job. Pretty soon you'll quit a lot of other things! Worked for me.:yes:

    Seriously... good luck!


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  12. dave b

    dave b Well-Known Member

    Hawthorne ,NJ.
    a little follow up...

    wellbutrin was the pill I took not zyban....forgot. It's funny how we all remember the date , mine is Oct20,2002. Funny thing, the next day we had our neighborhood Halloween extravaganza all nighter... you get the picture, I had to leave with the sweats and the fear and anxiety etc,... I had lost my best "friend". As to what I have done with all the "extra" money... still "Poor" but paying the two college tuition's, mortgage, cars etc. OH some vinyl vintage............ my brother followed my lead with a tussle on/off again game for six months he now has stopped, this has made it easier on me as a result. He had a slip up at a wedding this past summer and was dizzy, nauseous, and almost fainted!!!!!
  13. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile

    Berlin, Germany
    Can't tell why, all people I know that quit with subsitutes are still smokers or again...

    I quit 4 times in my life... 1st - forget it. Just an evening in the 70s.
    2nd try '85 for 2,5 yrs
    3rd try '89 2 for yrs
    4th try '99 til today undisrupted.

    always without any drug or substitutes. I never had more trouble than the first week of pain... and the mental greed that gets you in "those situations" which get less and less in the following years :). I know that I start from zero to normal pack a day within two days, did that 3 times. Didn't smoke too much, in the mean a pack a day.
    Can't help, but as far as i saw people using substitutes i found it just prolonges the quitting and makes it may be less hard... but also it's no real cut, and them start as easy again as they stopped. For me it is a mental border to start, I well remember the first 1 or two weeks. Them seem to think: ok, it wasn't that bad, I can do it again with pills... and start again next chance.

    I also can remember the date I decided not to smoke again, it was October 19 1999. Had'nt smoked a week already so I had no chance for a "last cigarette".
    And I remember I knew that from January 1st 2000 smokinw would be prohibited in the Hospital I work at. My thoughts were that I wanted to have that finished before I'd be surrounded by hundreds of panicking quitters.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2011
  14. gewoonmaf

    gewoonmaf Thrift rat

    The only good quitter!

    Keep it up...:thmbsp:
  15. Ohighway

    Ohighway Wannabe Minimalist Subscriber

    +1 :thmbsp:
  16. Cactus Bob

    Cactus Bob Desert Rat Subscriber

    Way Out West!
    I smoked for 20 years and quite July 16, 1985 cold turkey and haven't had a puff in 25 years. You can do it, good luck!


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  17. Drybasement

    Drybasement Hold the ketchup...

    Midland, Michigan
    I took the same pill. It was marketed as a smoking cessation drug under the name Zyban for it's effectiveness in reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms but, it was really the anti-depressive Wellbutrin. It really worked though. And you're right, I remember the exact date and time I quit smoking. It was August 6th, 2001 and I put out my last cigarette at 9:45 PM.

    Danimal, never quit quitting. It's the best thing you'll ever do for your health and longevity. Good luck to you.
  18. LeeVing

    LeeVing Addicted Member

    Salem, Oregon
    good luck to ya...

    I'm wearing the patch myself but still have 1-2 cigarettes a day. I didn't smoke for 3 weeks a few months ago, but work stress got to me. Now it's just the habit of smoking after meals and when I wake up. At least I can go a full 12 hour shift without one.
  19. montrecott

    montrecott Grits, gravy and groove Subscriber

    Good luck, and keep going! My grandmother and mother were both smokers. My grandmother quit, and lived to be 93; my mother didn't, and died at 73.
  20. 75Center

    75Center Super Member

    Best of luck to you. Congratulations on this difficult step. I am glad for you and your family. Both my parents (long time smokers) died of lung cancer. :sigh:

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