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Discussion in 'Non-audio related DIY' started by Hyperion, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    Our 3 year old dishwasher has been driving me nuts lately, I'd set it running and 15 minutes later - I'd happen to walk past it and find it in stopped condition with a sign on the display screen saying 'Door Open - please shut the door' opening and closing the door sometimes fixed it, but not always. After a while I learned exactly where to hit it to get it going again (very scientific), and this went on for a while, but it got worse so I resolved to do something about it.

    So I unplug the thing, and dismantle the top of the door which holds the electronics, and lo-and-behold 3 push on connectors, one of them going to the 'Door Open' switch. The contacts had gone a dull grey colour but I am able to clean them surprisingly well with a cotton bud and Corrosion X.
    I also do this to the other 2 connectors, and then reassemble and test, it all works as it should - and after a few runs I see NO more 'Door Open' messages. :thumbsup: - job done :king:
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  2. Ilikevinyl

    Ilikevinyl Cool Breeze Subscriber

    Well done, Hype! :trebon: :thumbsup: If you couldn't figure out the problem I was going to tell you to look on "Youtube". That site has tons of videos on how to repair stuff!
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  3. bberkom

    bberkom AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nashville, TN
    When we moved into our house the dishwasher would just run and run forever because the heater wasn't working. The sellers were taking forever to get it fixed for us, so one day I pulled it out and saw a loose connector hanging out near an open terminal on the bottom of the machine. Turns out it was for the heater, and it's worked perfectly ever since I plugged it back in. Never know unless you get in there!
  4. whoaru99

    whoaru99 Epic Member

    Yup, a little elbow grease can go a long way. Ours was working slowly on the cycles so checked the fill valve and it was the culprit. So, ordered a new one straight away. In the mean time I figured I'd try to clean up the old one just to cover for the week or so it would take to get the new one. Cleaned it out and....haven't yet in probably six months now, needed to put in the new one. At least now I have a spare on hand. LOL
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  5. sKiZo

    sKiZo Hates received: 8642 Subscriber

    Good ya got it working. My first guess would have been door alignment throwing off one or more of the contact switches. My microwave was giving me similar grief a bit back, and I cured it with some patches of stick on felt that nudged the door more towards where it should be and all's well. I only paid $100 for the thing, but it does what i want it to, and no new tricks to learn with a replacement ... win, win!
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  6. deka141290

    deka141290 New Member

    I was going to tell you to look on Youtube, it's a nice way for your ans... kakaka ^^ at my home, my father 'll do it intead of mother say 'bout xe ben cuu long 2t4 ...kakaka


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    I LIKE MUSIC Super Member

    A least you were able to dish out a good repair...
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  8. KingBubba

    KingBubba "Too Much Stuff" Subscriber

    Brooksville, Fl.
    You should have used Deoxit and followed it with Caig Shield, then you wouldn't have to do it again in 6 months.
  9. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier Subscriber

    I put a new sink disposal in this house two years ago, as the old In-Sink-Erator had started leaking. They are known to crack along the side, and this was a textbook example of it. Got a Waste King instead--higher rated, quieter, and runs faster. It quit running for no reason. I figured it tripped something...? Try pushing the GFI to reset it...nothing. Get an extension cord, and I can run the disposal from another outlet. No juice at the outlet under the sink.

    Finally got tired of plugging it in each time, and solved the problem. This GFI had indeed tripped, but the button really needed to be pushed in further and harder than any other GFI in the house. Once I got it pushed back in? Perfect. Still working! I was at the point of getting ready to replace the GFI, which is a bear of a task due to it being located in a very hard to reach place under the sink.

    Another disposal we had in a crap rental we were in stopped working. It's as though the motor burned out...it would groan and barely turn. Ended up leaving that house. Yet after I moved, I realized what had happened. I was missing a small plastic pot scraper. I am betting it fell into the disposal and got wedged in there. Oops. :D (It wasn't the first time it had fallen in!)
  10. leesonic

    leesonic Hold on, here comes the bass. Subscriber

    Southern NJ
    Did you recap it while you had it apart? Replace the "death diodes"? :naughty:
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  11. petehall347

    petehall347 the brandy coffee man Subscriber

    uk.. the middle bit
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