i need a new usb hub

Discussion in 'Digital Integration' started by crazy eights, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. crazy eights

    crazy eights Active Member

    new york
    i'm researching for a decent usb hub to use for my external storage hdds, preferably 4 port, the ones i have been using seem to work poorly after some time (they get sluggish and unreliable), i don't know if i should use a powered or non powered unit, i am basically interested in suggestions from people who use and have found a reliable unit that they are pleased with over a reasonably long term

    is there one that you know to be high quality that you like?

    i am open to suggestions and would appreciate your opinions

    i use foobar for playback and it feeds into a schiit stack consisting of an eiter to a modi multibit

    i am using seagate 4tb drives, i have a brand new WD external that i want to use for a back up but don't want to start transfer until i find a better hub

    thanks in advance for any and all suggestions


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  2. eizner23

    eizner23 Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    Are you currently using a powered hub? That is the way to go, it doesn't draw power from the computer.

    Anker brand seems popular with computer musicians I know. Targus and Belkin not so much.

    When you get the new hub get a hard disk benchmark utility and check the transfer rates.
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  3. orsen

    orsen just another old cheapskate that likes audio

    make sure your pc has usb 3 or better
    my music pc did not have usb 3 and transfer rates were terrible
    i ended up buying a pcie to usb3 add on card
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  4. mgosdin

    mgosdin Well-Known Member

    +1 on Anker. I have one of their USB 3 hubs on my laptop that my 4TB MyBook feeds Audio & Video files thru. No issues. It has power switches for each port which is nice when I want to shut something off but I don't want to pull the USB plug on it.

    Mark Gosdin
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