I picked up a Toyota MR2 mkII project car - I think I'll name it Dan Gurney

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    Boston western 'burbs
    Last SCCA race of the year at Thompson CT - here's the HRG (Historic Racing Group) pace lap.

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    Bought my wife a 1985 model for $600 in about 1995, she drove it for 10 years until I wrecked it. The insurance company gave us $3000 for it, of which $2800 was soon spent on a much better condition 1986 model.....which she also drove for about 10 years.

    Great fun to drive in the twisties. One-to-one manual steering. Wheelbase less than 8ft. Something like 4ft high. 2200 lbs. 5 speed manual transmission.
    Even with the standard 1.5 liter engine, basically a very fast factory-made go-cart with leather seats, power windows, and a toolbox sized trunk.

    Both engines had well over 200,000 miles on them by the time we were through.

    Sold the '86 to a mechanic. It's still on the road.
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    Boston western 'burbs
    Nope - never had that problem since I figured out how to tune out the oversteer with larger rear wheels/tire (like the later turbos) and tire pressures. Took me an hour on a short track to figure out - 32F / 38R.

    I had an 1987 first generation MR2 back in the day. Great Car and much lighter than the 2nd gen - but lacking in power versus my turbo.
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    I bet its a lot of fun, my first car was just a 89 Celica ST stick(basic model, $11k), but that thing was quick, and a lot of fun to drive, Ive pinned it at an estimated 147.
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    Actually, Toyotas were built in California starting in '86. AAR was contracted by Toyota, in 1983, to prepare Celicas to run in IMSA (first in GTU, later GTO). That class, even then, was essentially silhouette racers. The only things they would have had to use from a production car were the windshield and roof though they did use the complete tub. Any engine in Toyota's production lineup was allowed, as long as the displacement requirement for the class was met (normally aspirated, under 3 liters = GTU; up to 3 liters with forced induction and normally aspirated up to 6.5 liters = GTO). Just about anything else was left to the team's designers - suspension, gearbox, brakes, wheels, etc.

    Celica GTU - http://photos.wildhirt.com/lsimsa84/images/30lsimsa84.jpg
    Celica GTO - https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3064/2656619627_6236058a6a_z.jpg?zz=1

    Toyota then decided they wanted to move to GTP class for 1989. They had already been running prototypes in '87-8 in Group C/LeMans and the All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship with Dome supplying the chassis (while AAR was running the Celica GTO in the States). AAR prepared a Toyota (Dome) 88C and designed/built the Eagle HF89 for this project.

    88C - http://m6.i.pbase.com/g9/61/35561/2/107937926.Mm5zfYxF.jpg
    HF89 - http://m8.i.pbase.com/g9/61/35561/2/133893748.wYek1uco.jpg
    HF90 - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJU52qMUYAA4zUs.jpg

    The HF89/90 was then replaced by the Eagle MkIII. It was during the design phase of the MkIII that a friend/coworker landed an electrical tech/data acquisition geek (DAG) job with AAR. He was involved in rigging up the wind tunnel model's instrumentation and made a few trips to Japan with Mr. Fujimori (aerodynamicist).

    Eagle MkIII - http://www.conceptcarz.com/images/Toyota/92-Toyota_IMSA_GTP_Eagle_MKIII_DV-08_MH_08.jpg

    Once the economy had started the death spiral of GTP (and AAR/Toyota had buried it), they moved to (CART) Indycar (first with Eagle chassis then with Reynard) with terrible results (Toyota's engines were complete and utter trash at that point) and that lead to the end of AAR's racing days.

    Eagle MkV - http://www.canamcarsltd.com/photo/1996_Eagle_ChampCar_CART_Toyota_Gurney.jpg

    note the completely incorrect aero parts on the car above. superspeedway front bits with a triple-element (streetcourse) rear wing.

    Eagle MkV (superspeedway, correctly set up) - http://www.fototime.com/CFAF8AC1532141228973F510F5ECC6D8/standard.jpg
    Eagle MkV (road course, correct) - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-bxlTrO8Jy...Q/HBbQWKZCDiY/s1600/3208567840_8f4c682aa2.jpg
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