ID of amp using Western Electric transfos

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by CZ4A, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Yesterday I purchased this ampf rom a Craigslist seller. I didn't take a close look at it at first, except I noticed two switches marked with TV/FM and FM/RP (record player?) and a single knob next to them. The seller knew nothing about it except it was missing tubes so it didn't work. I figured I could cannibalize the mystery amp for parts like I'm doing with an old Philco TV chassis I got for free-fiddy.

    However, when I brought it home, I noticed a sticker on top of one of the transformer housings bearing the magic words: Western Electric. The remnant of another WE sticker is on the other housing. Now I'm curious as to what it is or what it may have came from. I'm guessing it's some kind of console amp given the switch labels and lack of any RCA/DIN/etc. outputs. It came with two 6J7 metal tubes, one 6C5 metal tube, and a 5U4GB that is in my junk pile for barely moving the needle on my EMC 213 tester. All sockets are octal. The two transformers are output type 171C and power(?) type 367A. Unfortunately, I see some dark, tar-like gunk in parts of the underside, which makes me fear one of the transfos melted down at some point.

    So, what am I looking at? Did WE make console radios, or make parts for console radios? Could this be some kind of homebrew piece?

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  2. century tek

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    It looks like some kind of power supply or a tv distribution amplifier. It doesn't really shout audio to me.:dunno:
  3. Tinkerbelle

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    The WE transformer specs are here.

    That looks a bit like a version of the 124 amp. That uses the same OPT and has a similar layout.
  4. Palustris

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