Impressed by the SQ of my new A-S301

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by Alobar, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Just wanted to say how impressed I am with this new addition. It all started when I bought new LF drivers for my JBL L200's and decided to experiment with biamping them, thus needed a new amp that was inexpensive to test this out and see if it is the direction I wanted to go.

    My criteria was for an under $300 amp that would have low distortion. I looked at some of the Crown power amps in that price range (don't need a preamp) and they had far more power than is required for my HF drivers but the distortion rating was too high I felt. I have had my eye on the A-S series Yamaha's for quite a while and when I saw a cosmetically flawed A-S301 for $299 on Amazon I bit.

    When it first arrived I pulled the speaker cables from my recently rebuilt Kenwood 700M and tied them into the Yamaha and was very pleased with everything. It dug very deep in the bass dept, and the highs were really everything my Kenwood can deliver! Beautiful..

    Now I have the Yamaha playing 1200hz and above and the big Kenny (170 WPC) running everything below. The combination of these 2 amps is perfect together. Both have very neutral sound, and I really like that I can run the Yamaha with tone and loudness bypassed. Both amps are now being fed from a MiniDSP which gets its input from my Kenwood 700C preamp. The combo with the new JBL 2216Nd1' woofers (same drivers as the JBL 4367 has) has made my system sound the best I personally have ever heard!

    I originally bought the Yamaha as an experiment in biamping and figured I could always sell it if it didn't work out, or if it did but wanted a better (read more expensive) amp. However after hearing what the A-S301 can deliver I'll probably be keeping it, the only reason not at this point would be to get a A-S501 or 701 in order to get the silver faceplate as the little 301 is otherwise proving to be all the amp I need for its intended purpose.

    Here in this picture you can see some scuff marks around the bass knob.. That is all the cosmetic damage I could fine. That saved me $50..
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