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In June, 1976_met Mr.Paul Klipsch, aka LtCol. Klipsch OSS, et al.

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by cooperH, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. cooperH

    cooperH New Member

    For a time period prior to this date, had been shopping/buying from this nice, honest audio store in the City, in a state most no longer mention. In the U.S. Mail, received an invitation to a "secret meeting"__upon arrival the windows were 'papered over'__knock, door opened, group of all males numbering about 18 give or take.
    Standing in the main listening room, was a taller gentleman in white shirt, Bolo tie, pocket liner, 325.6 pens/pencils inside it. Go-tee facial hair, conversing with yet another bright male. Shortly we were called to order, and seated. Mr. White Shirt was introduced as Mr. X___( as if we could not already ID the fellow)
    the mandatory slideshow of those years___Mr.White Shirt started with slideshow, showing him in single control
    Beech at 1,800 feet AGL, with his dog___out window was factory of his doing. Yes indeed, one Good thing to come out of Hope___Klipsch speakers. ( no politics mentioned here, but the off-spring of some Heavy drinkers also)___Every 6 slide was photo of stature from Europe___Always nude, he mentioned was to keep our attention. Blah, blah, then he mingled, he spoke to Moi'___yes sir, no sir, ( had me by date of rank and birth and he was a Stanford man too) :)
    "Yes Sir, have your K-horns, no Sir the bloody horns hurt my ears, and make my dogs run for cover!" He stated if I had only read his writings____well I had to a limit, but the price of his thesis was "mucho bucks"__and told him so. He thought for at least a nano second and requested my home address, ( No, "Sugar drawers", for Women only) He clarified, " I wish to mail you some papers"__(use my P.O. Box, Ok?) after being reminded
    his speakers were so 'Wunderbar' they only needed 5 watts per to drive them. He was right, no he never mentioned OSS, but we knew who this "masked-man" was in real life, a truly, delightful old school gentleman,
    educated, Great sense of humor, which many here in 21st Century miss, he was a Champ, and we rarely reward that title anymore, so few left out there.
    I bid Adieu' and departed. Within less the 10 days, sizable box arrived, containing Mr. White Shirt's entire bloody writings.
    Well___moral to true story, always shake hands with older fellows,
    Mr. Paul Klipsch___RIP
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  2. moray james

    moray james Super Member

    Calgary on the Bow
    follow up stories would be appreciated. Regards moray james.
  3. macyjrm

    macyjrm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Do you still have the papers?
  4. AlTinkster92

    AlTinkster92 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    What a great story and thanks.....:)
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  5. Hajidub

    Hajidub AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Are portions of the post redacted, or are my comprehension skills just that bad?
  6. cooperH

    cooperH New Member

    No redaction there, memory loss here, possible. That is the gist of the conversation 41 years ago.
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