In need of parts for a Sansui g-9700

Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by Nemo bit, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Nemo bit

    Nemo bit Member

    I was lucky (At least I thought) that a good friend bartered a Sansui g-9700
    To me. I was told by his son in law that it had a board split that appears to me what ever runs length on back of reciever in cab opposite of rear heat sink .
    Unfortunately I have yet to see the board or ? As it is somewhere in his shop or storage unit. I am lucky enough to have a friend whom has brought any pieces that had issues back as good or better than new and has been doing all service repairs since early to mid 60s and when I take a piece the determining factor is quite frankly if he likes a particular model. He says if I can get my hands on what ever the broken piece he sees no issue and says he will bring it back.
    Long story short I have been sitting on this piece of glory far to long and I of course do inquire if the board has turned up so far no luck. So I am new to the forum as a member I hope this is the proper direction to see if their may be a member whom might have an idea or even better someone who has or could source parts. I have been a 2 channel stereo junkie from the time I was in high school early to mid 70s. I have many nice pieces that I admired back when new but never had the income to truly allow me to just do it. My current rotation includes several Sansui pieces that to my ear are a match. I am hopeful to bring this beauty back so when the time comes that I am no longer a factor I look as myself as a caretaker now and hope that will continue with much of the gear that thru barter and luck have finally been able to finally own. I apologise for being so wordy and look forward to ideas, input any suggestions or critiques.
    Jason " Nemo Bit"


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  2. orsen

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  3. Beau Geste

    Beau Geste Addicted Member

    Welcome, Nemo bit, benvenuto :)
  4. Nemo bit

    Nemo bit Member

    Thank you! I am not tech savvy with my oh so much smarter than I phonewill keep trying to get pics to post. The really sad part is I have many years, hours in my lifetime search of gear that I think many would enjoy. I am truly grateful for the push in the right direction. I have one other project piece to finish but this is the one That has become my obsession. Next is Harmon Kardin 730 which I have most all I need to finish. I only just got my Kr-9600 done just before Christmas and its as I remember from new. I enjoy it with a few different speakers but I know it's a different beast. I have other Sansuis that all are favorites depending on mood.
    Again, Thank you as The only think I know for certain ... is I certainly have much to learn
    Regards, Beau Geste I am humbled and thankful for the guidance! Jason B

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