Infinity HPS-1000

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by 7.62, May 7, 2018.

  1. 7.62

    7.62 Gearhead Subscriber

    Las Vegas
    There's 2 up for sale here in Las Vegas, anyone here owned one ? For what I can read these things get good reviews.

    All I have is a 10" parts express unit, no complaints. These HPS subs are sporting 1000 watt plate amps and weigh almost 100 lbs.

    What do you guys think, to old to take a chance on ? I don't know if I need one with the Krell doing such a good job but part of me says grab one to have in reserve plus it's Infinity.


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  2. goodolpg

    goodolpg Just an old fart trying to help.

    I picked up a IL120s at a garage sale a couple years ago, owner said it was from the early 2000's.
    Paid garage sale price for it, using it with my RS II's.
  3. swechsler

    swechsler Frog Whisperer

    7th row center
    This could probably considered an "ultimate" sub. If the price is right, I'd jump on it.

    ETA: keep in mind these things are huge (2 feet deep by almost as much wide and high). Also, unless they're really cheap, I'd try to audition them with music as part of a complete system. Don't just listen to make sure they thump.
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