Infinity peeps - what's your cart of choice? ($100-$300)

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by forcemajeure, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. forcemajeure

    forcemajeure New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the market for a new Cart. Wondering what recomendations my fellow infinity brethren have?

    Here is my set up:

    Yamaha yp-701 into Kenwood KA-4006 into Infinity Qb's.
    (Yes, it's a regular 1970's time warp at my place. I'm wearing flared jeans as I write...;))
    Current cart: ortofon 2M red - I have enjoyed this cart mostly. Only problems are occasional sibilance, and it's unforgiving when it comes to both scratched records, and records mastered "hot".
    EG : Chris Bellman's recent cut of "Everyone knows this is Nowhere" was a dissapointly harsh experience on my system.

    Based on the stellar reviews I've been reading, I really want to get the Nagaoka MP -110. But the problems I had with the 2m red make me think it's a little bright for the Qb's EMIT tweeters. And maybe the Nagoaka will be worse?

    Which steers me towards getting the Shure M97XE.

    Anyone tried a nagoaka / infinity combo?

    I mostly listen to jazz, with the odd bit of blues and rock for variation.

    Thanks for reading.


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  2. 7.62

    7.62 Gearhead Subscriber

    Las Vegas
    Well, I have the AT-LP120 with Kappa 8's and maybe my hearing isn't nearly as good as others here but I'll chime in for the heck of it. I have the 110 & Shure and the stock AT95E.

    In all honesty I think the AT95E sounds really good, BUT the Shure sounds every bit as good maybe better. The Nagoka try as I have doing some critical listening is no better than either cartridges above.

    If I had to pick one to live with everyday, the Shure would probably win.
  3. MVB

    MVB New Member

    Burlington, VT
    I have Infinity RS II and a Dual 1249 with a Shure D105 ED. I keep reading stuff and thinking about trying something else. Then I put a record on and love the way it sounds.
  4. Tedrick

    Tedrick Infinity-phile Subscriber

    Gainesville, FL
    Only thing I've got even close to that price point is an Audio Technica AT-OC9ML/II. If your rig can handle LOMC carts and you can stretch your budget a bit, it's a pretty darn nice cartridge for the money.

    I'm using Lyra cartridges in both of my Infinity setups
  5. Bahamayellow

    Bahamayellow Well-Known Member

    I really like audio technica on my Infinity Kappa 9 and 8.1 . So far I’m using a AT120e and a at100e. The names have changed and the price has gone up on these.
  6. Belvedere2

    Belvedere2 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    AT7V, Pioneer PL-41 with a Kenwood arm. Run that thru a CJ PV-10a. Sounds great to me.


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  7. itsjim

    itsjim New Member

    I just upgraded my TT from a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with an Ortofon 2M Red cart, to a Clearaudio Concept with the Concept V2 MM cartridge. All I can say is WOW! The sound is orders of magnitude better, due in no small part to the cartridge. The cart goes for about $250. Seriously, makes the 2M Red sound like a Close-N-Play. Oh...running it through SAE gear into Infinity Q2s. Got my bell bottoms on as well!
  8. tubed

    tubed Lunatic Member

    Shure M97xe for 99.
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