Infinity vintage 5inch polycone vs Polydome K

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    Infinity 5 inch Vintage polycone vs Polydome K? What can I expect in the sound, imaging etc. difference between the two mids? Enjoying the polycones. Will it be a (Wow!) Difference.?
    Or will it be a, Why did I spend the money to have the Polydome K restored?
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  2. goodolpg

    goodolpg Just an old fart trying to help.

    A while back, maybe 3 years ago, I had asked a similar question, the 5" polycone vs. the 3" polydome (the ones that don't have dome yellowing and hardening). The polydomes used in the RS3a/b and RS4B for example.Got a few responses, each had it's good and bad, tried to find it and can't may have been in an RSM thread.
    Had RSM's and a pair of the 3" polydomes and was *thinking* about changing out the polycones for the poly domes. For many reasons I didn't.
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