Investigating speaker wire: recommend two that sound obviously different

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    Me starting out: Woohoo, another cottage industry around here! Make money on the side! What shall I call my new business?!

    Me a couple of hours later: Jesus F*ing Christ, what a mess. Why does everything have to be ten times harder than it looks??

    Here's what happens when you don't have the proper pants. I used electrical tape. Amateur Hour.


    But I only used the tape between the big heat shrink on the braid and the little shrinks on the plugs. I needn't have used any--the regular wire insulation would be enough. Not sure what I was thinking. Just didn't want any air to get in and tarnish the silver! I'll post the new, improved one when I do it. Are pants even necessary, he asks.

    PS: The braid is the fun part, seriously.
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