Is it dumb to upgrade to AT440 now that it's discontinued?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by DesertTwang, Mar 11, 2017.

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    LOL! I really need to apply these brains to more lucrative endeavors.
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    The ATN150Sa stylus installed on the AT440MLa body is magic! I'm hearing details that I have never heard before. Details have also taken on a vertical plain, in other words, there is stuff positioning all over not just from left to right, but from top to bottom. This combination works better then the ATN150MLX and AT440MLa body.

  3. RonniB

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    Wayner, I like your thinking. I'm ordering an ATN155lc from my "source" and will slap it on my AT140 body. I was going to use the 440mlb body, but when I compared them, the 140 had a more consistent range.

    Otherwise, I've been buying NOS stylii lately, and it looks like a fortuitous move in regards to AT's hijinks. 2 more stylii and I'll be set until I start mumbling "Eh, what was that, sonny?".
  4. DesertTwang

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    Where do people go for NOS items like styli? (I'm assuming NOS stands for "New old stock.") Do you just shop around using Google, or are there specific online outlets that specialize in such items?
  5. RonniB

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    DT, I'll let my cat out of the bag now that I'm done feeding it. I found a guy on eBay that had a cache of NOS Audio Technica stylii and a few NOS carts. After purchasing a stylus and finding it to be the real thing,
    I managed to connect with him outside of the walls. :) I cleaned out his supply of stylii so I could upgrade mine and have some spares. All he has left is one NOS AT155lc cart which I plan to purchase in April, having now spent all my lunch money to date. I realize there will probably be some disapproving lurkers here, but - hey - when NOS good stuff comes along, a person is a fool to pass on acquiring items he or she needs, IMHO. I now have an ATN15ss stylus on my AT15sa cart, an ATN15 stylus on my AT15S cart, a TKN2 stylus (mini 2 x 7 elliptical) on my TK5e, and soon an ATN155lc stylus on my AT140lc cart; all NOS.
    Ya gotta DIG for this obscure stuff.

    BTW, regarding some earlier comments about AT12sa carts; I swapped a LC stylus from a VS240lc onto my AT12sa, and It sings! I think it closely resembles my AT440mlb characteristics, except for the lower
    output. Swapping the LC stylus onto my TK5e works well too, except for being a bit bass-heavy. This is really becoming a really interesting expedition.

    Bottom line: my record-listening enjoyment has increased tremendously. Isn't that what it's all about?
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    Many listed on the auction site.
  7. RonniB

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    I forgot to mention: I am now retired, so I have the time to prowl sites, forums, and auctions. It's taken me 6 months of daily research to not only find the components I want, but also evaluate how their qualities
    might agree with my particular musical obsession. My Jewish friends have deemed me an "honorary Hebrew", by virtue of my buying habits. I do my best to not get skinned on a deal, but will also pay a fair price
    when I determine that prime goods are being offered. Also, the NOS pieces help me better ascertain the projected lifespan of stylii, compared to "lightly used" pieces. I got what I paid for and know I am very fortunate to have found a rare cache of stylii/cartridges. I do believe there are still some of these "out there" yet to be found.

    Last bit of hot air: from my searchings, top caliber NOS items seem to be more available in European countries.

    just my $0.02
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    Munich, Bavaria
    DT: Actually many of the established vendors in the US (e.g. Garage-a-records, Thevoiceofmusic, NeedleDoctor, LPGear/ElexAtelier/LPTunes, Turntableneedles, Stereoneedles, BBE...) and over here in Germany and the rest Europe (e.g. Mr.Stylus, Micron-Heinrich, (William)Thakker, Svalander, AMAA, used to and often enough still offer new old stock stuff, too. However, most of that has become quite a bit more expensive in the meantime, and a lot of the attractive, higher quality products are already sold-out.

    Greetings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini
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