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Is It Just My Imagination, But Are New Cars Getting LOUDER not Quieter?

Discussion in 'Wheels, Wings, Mud, and Water' started by savatage1973, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Shadowdog

    Shadowdog Super Member

    Flin Flon, Manitoba
    NJ it could be a MPG thing also for CAFE. as Wt. is the enemy for that & even a tiny bit of % increase in MPG X the # sold in a year makes a big diff. It also allows performance models to be sold in that same model, but it's the corporate average that counts overall.

    I had a Ford Festiva that was noisy on rough pavement in my younger days so I just drove faster for less time on the road , plus it didn't hurt MPG much. Used the stereo for sure to drown out the noise!

    Maybe another soln is an electronic noise cancelling system as used on some new GM vehicles and maybe others! It uses the existing speakers I would imagine!


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  2. dosmalo

    dosmalo T-Totaled Subscriber

    We have one also, actually it's my wife's (I turned her on to it tho) and what you say is true. Very solid, quiet ride and we like it a lot.
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  3. Hyfi

    Hyfi Addicted Member

    Bucks County, PA
    It is scary fast too and easy to see why little old ladies and men drive thru walls by accident.
  4. dosmalo

    dosmalo T-Totaled Subscriber

    LOL! It is very rapid but the driving thru walls by accident may be because of what's going on in the dash area and such because it is quite the experience if you're not used to it. WP_20160225_17_42_31_Pro.jpg Pic of the day we brought it home.
    Great car and we love driving it.
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  5. Djcoolray

    Djcoolray Addicted Member

    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!
    If you don’t like the noise, you can go with a Hush Thrush replacement or even Dynaflow....

    Technically, the longer the muffler....the quieter the sound. If you want a complete replacement that still sounds healthy, just not as loud try Borla.

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