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It's like Christmas when packages arrive lol

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Grenadeslio, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Grenadeslio

    Grenadeslio Super Member

    Mail man was just here, dropped off three of four packages I've been waiting for.

    The first was a cheap USB cord with males on both ends, it's strange how hard these are to find in local stores. Wal-Mart used to carry them but now only the extension with male and female lol? Best buy nothing under $30 so I ordered one on eBay for $2.49 free shipping.

    The second a record weight, I know these are a controversial subject but that's not the point of this thread. I love the great packaging, this is the second one of these I have now. Gifted another weight I had to Cooper, a young friend I helped get started in vinyl.

    Also ordered on eBay
    20181013_155852.jpg 20181013_155928.jpg 20181013_160007.jpg 20181013_160100.jpg 20181013_160211.jpg

    The third item is the most wanted of the four, my AR58s replacement tweeters, only one original was blown but I ordered two replacements to keep them identical.

    From Chris1 on eBay

    Now to install my tweeters.
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  2. DaveVoorhis

    DaveVoorhis Super Member

    Behind you.
    I just got this:


    It's the cheapest transistor radio kit I could find on eBay. Less than £4.

    I have an unreasonable fondness for assembling small rubbishy electronic kits.
  3. knockbill

    knockbill Addicted Member

    SE PA
    I got a knock off whammy bar today, slow boat from China, but was 5 days earlier than expected!!! Spent an hour "adjusting" it to fit the Squire project!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

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  4. cpt_paranoia

    cpt_paranoia Well-Known Member

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  5. cpt_paranoia

    cpt_paranoia Well-Known Member

    Having got a tracking server running for my DofE group, using existing tracker devices (we could no longer afford the service charge), I bought a cheap (£15.69) TK102 tracker. Apart from a curiously poor case (fixed with a few bits of scrap 2mm plasticard from my modelling days of my youth), it works very well. And arrived next day!
  6. bobins08

    bobins08 Loving the dream Subscriber

    St. Louis, MO
    I received two genuine OEM Empire stylus this week.

    Freaks me out that I would ever find original stylus for these great cartridges from the 70’s. They are not worth having without OEM styli.

    The internet has some great benefits. Connecting people, products, information....
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  7. heyraz

    heyraz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Long Branch, NJ
    I got a couple of Telefunken E88CC's the other day for my preamp!
    Talk about that Christmas feeling.....what a difference one made. I've been grinning all week and have been listening to music late into the night.
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