Jeff Beck / Wired....... Any Good Sounding Re-issues?

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by malden, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. malden

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    I picked up this album in vinyl and although the music is great, the recording sounds awful. According to some info on the web, it was not recorded very well in the studio but apparently there was a "remastered" issue on CD.

    I found a Wired CD on Epic that states "Digitally Mastered Analog Recording" but this sounds as bad as the vinyl.

    Does anyone know if there were any issues of this album, vinyl or CD that actually improved upon the original?


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  2. olson_jr

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  3. Lo-Fidelity

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    Doing a side by side listening with my well cared for album from high school versus the “Digitally mastered analog recording” CD I picked up at GW today. Aside from some very minor lp hiss between songs they sound the same to me. If there is any improvement it is very minor.

    Great album. Glad I found the CD. It seems like years since I have listened to wired.

    Love it!!

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